A Quick Guide to Selecting A4 Paper For Your Office

A Quick Guide to Selecting A4 Paper For Your Office

Have you ever wondered what a4 paper is to use in your office? You may think that all paper is made in the same way, but there are specific differences in 210mm by 297mm paper, and that’s not just the color of the paper. Here we will show you how to choose the A4 paper suitable for office use.

Know your paper lingo:

Here is an excellent opportunity to increase your vocabulary while getting A4 paper choosing tips. To know what A4 paper is suitable for your company, knowing the terminology of A4 paper will help you understand what you are buying.


When we talk about the unit of paper quantification, “Ream” is the main unit you should pay attention to. Paper reams are bundles of paper wrapped in a standard amount. A ream usually contains 450 to 500 sheets of paper.


The GSM stands for another unit of measurement of paper. GSM” is the number of grams per square meter and measures the density of a single sheet of paper.


Paper opacity refers to the amount of light that can pass through the paper. In other words, it is a transparency of the paper. Paper opacity plays an essential role in duplex printing. To ensure the paper is transparent, you may want to take the paper under the office lights, and if the opposite side is clear from the page you’re facing, then your sheet has low opacity.

About paperweight:

The most common A4 paperweights you will encounter for office will be 70gsm and 80gsm. Kindly reconsider if you think the difference of 10g does not matter when choosing paper. This section provides a breakdown of the two differences. We may be biased towards 80gsm, but there are legitimate reasons to consider choosing the heavier of the two.

80gsm A4 paper:

80gsm is the standard weight for your printing needs. Using 80gsm paper will do a miracle in relieving the headache of printing and copying. Its weight is ideal for printing because it has a thickness that takes into account just what is on it, the fact 120gsm  would be suitable for handouts such as flyers as well as business cards.

70gsm A4 paper:

If you don’t want to repair your office printer regularly, you might consider moving away from the 70gsm A4 paper. Paper with this density may be more suitable for sketching and writing purposes.


What brand of paper should I choose? While your company may have used the same A4 paper brand for years, here are some commonly used brands. Double-A, PaperOne, as well as IK Yellow are best for A4 paper.


Color is one of the essential points when selecting an A4 paper. In general office use, white solid is used, but color A4 paper is effective for eye-catching printing items such as flyers and posters. The A4 paper has a wide range of color variations, such as green, yellow, salmon, orange, blue, purple as well as pink.

Now that you understand the weight, color, and other considerations of the A4 paper, you could make the best decision when you prefer the A4 paper that is suitable for your needs.

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