A Frugal Money Saver Guide to Prescription Medication

Over the last year, prescription drug prices rose by 31.6%. Some increased by 500%! If you need prescription meds, it’s essential to become a frugal money saver.

Almost a third of US adults can’t take their prescriptions because they can’t afford it. Another 30% skip doses or cut their pills in half. Not taking your medication could compromise your health.

Before that happens, learn how to cut costs with these easy money-saving tips!

Consult Your Doctor

Schedule an appointment with your doctor to discuss the medications you’re taking. Determine if there are any medications you can stop taking to save money. Don’t remove prescription meds from your routine without consulting a doctor first.

They might determine there are some medications you no longer need. Your doctor might also suggest a medication that combines prescriptions.

Ask your doctor if they have any samples you can use. Even a few samples can help you save cash. Drug reps drop off samples at doctor’s offices all the time.

Chances are, your doctor forgot they have them. Ask for a free sample each time your doctor prescribes a new medication. 

Otherwise, ask your doctor for drug coupons and vouchers.

Switch to Generic

Generic medications are always cheaper than their brand equivalent. Talk to your doctor to determine if you can switch to the generic instead. In most cases, the only difference is the “filler” product used.

In fact, the FDA has approved over 10,000 generic drugs. They often cost 85% less than brand-name alternatives. 

You can switch to generic medications in most cases. Your doctor will let you know if a generic option might interact with another medication you’re taking. Don’t switch to a generic option without consulting your doctor first. 

Check Your Insurance

Consult your insurance company to save cash on prescription meds.

Your insurance company will determine which medications they cover and for what price. They’ll have a list of preferred drugs they already cover. Determining which medications they cover can help you save money.

They can help you find cheaper options.

If your insurance company is only covering a small portion of the cost, ask if they cover more of another medication. 

If you take medications regularly, learn more about your insurance company’s drug formulary. The formulary tells you each medication’s price category (or “tier”). Tier 1 is the least expensive.

Once you have a list of the alternatives they cover, call your doctor. Ask if it’s okay to switch to those less expensive medications. In most cases, they’re more than happy to help you switch for the sake of saving money. 

Contact the Manufacturer

If your doctor and insurance company can’t make recommendations, check with the drug manufacturer. Many drug manufacturers have patient assistance programs. They can send you savings vouchers and coupons to help you cut costs.

In some cases, they can send you a one-time savings coupon. You can apply these coupons even if you already have insurance coverage. 

Look for Savings Programs

If you have insurance coverage, look into the company’s discount savings programs. These programs are often free to join. They’re an easy way to save money on prescription meds.

For example, you can check the SingleCare prescription discount savings program. This program is accepted at over 35,000 pharmacies worldwide, including:

  • CVS
  • Walgreens
  • Rite Aid
  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Kroger

Check the SingleCare website or download their app for free. You can check to see what your prescription will cost at each pharmacy. Shop from the pharmacy that offers the cheapest prices. 

To start saving money, request your free SingleCare prescription savings card. Use it each time you need to fill a prescription. 

Look into national assistance programs for uninsured patients. These programs offer free help. For example, the Assistance Fund covers drug copays and other medical expenses.

If you shop at a local, independent pharmacy, talk to your pharmacist. They might help you access a local savings program. 

Buy in Bulk

Try saving money by purchasing your medications in bulk. Some insurance companies only offer a month’s worth of medication at a time. Others will send you a three-month supply at a discount.

In fact, some companies send three months’ worth for the price of two months’.

If you don’t have insurance, buying in bulk is a great way to save money. When comparing prices, determine the price per unit/pill. 

Shop Online

Before buying medication, check online. There are alternative prescription delivery services you can use to save money. A few options include:

  •,, and are full-service pharmacies.

It’s important to find an online pharmacy that provides access to a licensed pharmacist. Make sure the online pharmacy asks for a copy of your prescription, too. If they don’t request a prescription, there’s a chance they’re illegitimate.

Look for a Canadian pharmacy online to save cash. They often offer medications at a discounted price. Look for options that will allow you to buy in bulk.

You can also use apps to compare prescription prices before completing your order. When using these apps, you’ll bypass your insurance. 

Become a Frugal Money Saver Today

You don’t have to keep paying full price for your prescription meds. Instead, use these tips to become a frugal money saver. With these tips, you can put a little cash back into your pocket while receiving the medicine you need.

Save cash with help from an online pharmacy today!

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