5 Tips for When You’re Involved in a Las Vegas Car Accident

Getting in an accident on the road is a scary experience. In the United States, traffic-related events account for around 5 million injuries each year. One of the cities with the highest accident numbers is Las Vegas, Nevada.

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced driver, you can find yourself at the center of a car accident at any time. What should you do?

While we cannot protect you from other drivers on the road, there are some things that you can do to take control of the situation. Keep reading for our suggestions when you are involved in a Las Vegas car accident.

1. Immediately Call 911

Even if your accident seems minor, it is important to call 911 right away. The police can help document the accident and protect any potential evidence that may be used to determine fault.

Calling 911 will also alert an ambulance and other necessary emergency services such as fire services in cases of car fires. Who was at fault may also be determined by the police, and there may be legal ramifications if you are found to have been the negligent party. 

2. Move Your Car to the Side of the Lane or to a Safe Location

This helps to avoid blocking traffic and minimizes the risk of an additional collision. It also allows for emergency personnel to get to the scene. If possible, move your car as soon as possible to the side of the road, away from the flow of traffic.

If your car can’t be moved or if you can’t manage to do it, turn on your hazard lights and wait for help. This will help alert other drivers that you are stopped and they need to slow down. 

3. Exchange Insurance Information

Gather the name of the other driver, the driver’s policy number, the contact information for the other driver’s insurance company, and the make and model of the other vehicle. Always remain calm and avoid discussing who is at fault in the accident until you have consulted with an attorney. If the other driver does not have proof of insurance, you should write down the other driver’s license plate number and contact the DMV. 

4. Take Pictures of the Scene

If you get into a car accident in Las Vegas, it is very important that you take pictures of the scene. If you decide to consult for legal representation, you can visit Dimopoulos Law Firm or any law firm you are associated with.

The photographs can be used as a visual means of determining negligence, liability, and other factors important to your case. You should take photos of your vehicle, the other vehicles involved, and the surrounding environment, such as street signs, debris, or specific landmarks. 

5. Seek Medical Attention Immediately

Fractures, soft tissue damage, and internal bleeding can all be common with even a minor car accident. Due to the adrenaline rush that follows an accident, there could be a delay in feeling any discomfort or pain. Visiting a medical professional is the only way to be sure that you do not have any underlying issues that could affect your health over the long term.

Things to Do After a Las Vegas Car Accident

Having a plan of what to do when involved in a Las Vegas car accident is essential to protecting your legal capacity. Following the tips provided can help you remain calm and protect yourself and your property from further damage.

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