5 Signs You Have a Fear of Public Speaking

According to some research, about 40% of the population has a fear of public speaking.

If you think you’re in that percentage, you might be wondering what some symptoms of this fear are. 

Keep reading to discover some of the most common signs that you have a fear of public speaking.

  1. Imagining a Worst-Case Scenario

One of the main things that you might be doing is imagining a worst-case scenario. You may be emotionally involved in your speech, and this can make you worry about what will happen if you don’t give a good speech.

However, if you start obsessing over every little thing that could go wrong, this might be a sign that you are actually afraid of public speaking. 

  1. Sweating

As you become more anxious, your body temperature will rise. To cool yourself off, your body will start sweating. 

It’s a natural process, but this can be uncomfortable when you’re trying to give a speech in front of everyone. You might notice that you have sweaty palms, armpits, or a forehead. Some people even have sweat that pools across their backs. 

If you notice that you start sweating more than normal before giving a speech, you could have a fear of public speaking. 

  1. Memorizing Material

While it might be important to memorize some of the material of your speech, you shouldn’t be obsessing over every little thing. 

If you are memorizing every little word to avoid making a mistake, then you might be more likely to make that mistake due to anxiety. 

Instead, have some notes with you just in case you forget something, and don’t worry about memorizing a whole speech word for word. 

  1. Dry Mouth

Another physical symptom that you might have is a dry mouth. Your salivary glands don’t make enough saliva, and this can make it challenging to speak. 

This can happen when you’re experiencing anxiety about speaking in public, but drinking some water can help. You should also avoid smoking the day you give your speech because this can make it worse.

  1. Not Thinking About the Audience

You might also be worrying about yourself more than you’re worrying about your audience. It’s natural to wonder how you’ll do, but if you’re too focused on yourself, you might be too scared to give the speech.

Instead, focus on the audience and ensure that you give them a great performance they’ll be able to engage with and enjoy. 

If you notice that you are experiencing any of these symptoms, then you might benefit from taking some public speaking training.

Discover More Signs That You Have a Fear of Public Speaking

These are only a few signs that you have a fear of public speaking, but there are all kinds of public speaking tips to overcome that fear.

Going through proper training can be really beneficial, and practicing it can help as well.

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