5 Signs You Should Schedule a Dental Appointment Immediately

The field of dentistry has one of the lowest fatality rates from dental emergencies. Only about 0.9% of dental patients die from dental-related conditions.

One reason for this is that dentists are so skilled at handling dental emergencies. What is an emergency that requires you to schedule a dental appointment ASAP? We will tell you about five of them next.

  1. You Lose an Adult Tooth

Losing a tooth is never fun. It can happen due to sports injuries, car accidents, and slip and fall accidents. But when you or your child knocks out a permanent tooth, you may have a dental emergency.

If you find your tooth after losing it, see a dentist who specializes in emergency care ASAP. He or she may be able to restore it. If not, you must pay for an implant, which can be expensive.

  1. You Lose a Blood Clot After Tooth Extraction

The formation of a blood clot is crucial for healing after tooth extraction. If yours falls out within 23 days post-extraction, you need to call your dentist and schedule a dental visit immediately.

Without your blood clot, you risk developing a condition called dry socket. A dry socket is painful and will delay the healing process and potentially cause complications like infections.

  1. You Have Dental Abscess Symptoms

A dental abscess is a pocket of pus that forms on the gums. It is a symptom of an underlying infection. Dental abscesses commonly affect impacted wisdom teeth, teeth with untreated cavities, and people with gum disease.

If you experience the symptoms of a dental abscess, you need to see a dentist before the infection spreads. Symptoms may include a severe toothache, a bad taste or smell in your mouth that doesn’t go away, or a swollen jaw.

  1. You Have Severe Pain After a Root Canal

Tooth pain is never a good sign, especially if it is sharp or features other negative symptoms. But it is not always an emergency. However, severe tooth pain after a root canal is a serious dental emergency you should never ignore.

Pain after a root canal often indicates that the wound is not healing properly. Without treatment, an infection could develop. Other signs of a root canal gone wrong are significant bleeding and swelling around the site.

  1. You Experience a Locked Jaw

Sometimes, the jaw can become locked in place, making it difficult to open or close. You may not think of this as a dental emergency. But if the cause is your temporomandibular joint, this is within a dentist’s purview.

Your emergency dentist can give you medication to help with the discomfort in the meantime. Then, they can come up with a longer-term solution to alleviate your symptoms.

Schedule a Dental Appointment ASAP If These Emergencies Happen to You

Lost adult teeth, dental abscesses, and locked jaws are only a few reasons to schedule an emergency dental appointment. If you experience a severe or unexplained dental symptom, it is a sign you need emergency dental care.

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