Azure Fundamentals is a Microsoft Cloud Certification. This course focuses on understanding Azure’s basic services cloud computing concepts, and getting some hands-on experience with the Azure site. Cloud principles, core Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, trust, Azure pricing, and support are all covered in depth in this certification. The AZ-900 certification is a good starting point for anybody interested in working with cloud solutions and services as a novice and progressing their career in the sector.

Future of Cloud Computing

The cloud computing business is expanding. According to projections, the global public cloud computing industry will reach $482 billion in 2022. Public cloud services include business processes, platforms, infrastructure, software, management, security, and advertising services. Every business, from startups to IT behemoths, is embracing the potential of the cloud to increase their operational efficiency and is progressively investing in the area. 

Professionals with certified cloud abilities from the cloud are in better demand than those without cloud certification and training, even at the recruiting stage. Consequently, it is reasonable to conclude that Microsoft Azure certification will be essential in advancing a career in the Cloud.

Overview of AZ-900 Certification

The AZ 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals test is for beginners and does not require any prior knowledge of Cloud computing or programming. It covers cloud essentials such as Azure licensing and support, as well as fundamental Azure services, security, privacy, compliance, and trust.

This article is a thorough guide that covers all you need to know about the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals AZ-900 certification exam and how to prepare for it.

Why should you choose the Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam?

Those with little technical experience can benefit from Microsoft Azure. The AZ-900 Exam for Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals is a role-based Azure Certification path. It’s also known as the Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Exam and is designed for those with a non-technical background who want to test their basic Azure Cloud services skills.

You’ll need to know core cloud principles, Azure Services, security, privacy compliance, and trust, as well as Azure Pricing and Support, to pass the Microsoft AZ-900 exam.

Before we go into the tips & strategies for passing the AZ-900 test, let’s have a look at the exam specifications.

Exam Details

It is a good idea to acquaint yourself with the basics of the AZ-900 Exam before you begin preparing for it. Microsoft has provided a list of test standards and practices.

Microsoft Azure Certification Prerequisites:

Because the Azure AZ-900 exam is considered a beginner’s exam in contrast to other Microsoft role-based exams, you don’t need any prior cloud computing or programming experience to pass it. The only requirement is the eagerness to know more about Microsoft’s ever-expanding cloud platform, along with basic knowledge of networking, databases and a general understanding of the basics of server usage. Individuals who can benefit from this certification are:

  • Those involved in the purchase and sale of cloud services.
  • Those who wish to test their understanding of cloud services and solutions.

The AZ-900 exam validates your understanding of Azure core concepts and qualifies you to pursue additional Microsoft Azure Certifications.

AZ-900 Exam Course Outline

The test consists of six domains. You should plan your studies around these exam topics if you want to earn this certification.

  • Cloud concepts 
  • Core azure services 
  • Azure’s core solutions and management tools
  • General security and network security features 
  • Identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features 
  • Azure cost management and service level agreements 

Your Microsoft AZ-900 Exam, like any other Microsoft Exam, will include 40-60 questions. Various sorts of questions, such as case studies, short answers, multiple-choice, mark review, drag and drop, and so on, are asked during the test. Giving incorrect answers entails no penalty, so it is recommended to answer all questions.

A minimum score of 700 is required to pass the Azure Certifications exam. 

AZ-900 Exam Retake Policy

  • If you do not manage to pass the exam on the first attempt, you must wait 24 hours before retaking it.
  • If you fail the test a second time, you must wait for 14 days before you can retake it.
  • Every year, you can get only 5 retakes.

AZ-900 Exam Cancellation Policy

  • You can cancel or reschedule a test appointment 6 days before the scheduled exam time.
  • If you do not reschedule or cancel the appointment 24 hours before the appointed time, your azure certification cost will be forfeited.


As, unlike other Azure role-based tests, the Microsoft Azure Certification AZ-900 exam does not require prior experience. Anybody with a basic aptitude and logical abilities may easily pass this exam without depending on intensive AZ-900 exam preparation. However, you must locate appropriate AZ-900 test preparation tools to gain further insight into how to approach your exam preparation.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform, it offers analytics, cloud computing, storage, networking, and other services. Take the Microsoft AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals exam to get an entry-level Azure certification and begin your cloud computing career right away.

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