10 Tips on Planning Orlando Vacations for First-Time Visitors

Orlando, Florida is a travel destination for families and spring breakers alike. With many different offerings, millions of individuals choose Orlando as their top choice for a vacation location. This location is home to beautiful beaches, grand amusement parks, and everything in between. 

When you’re a first-time visitor to Orlando, the options may seem overwhelming. You may not know where to begin or what to prioritize first.

Are you planning an Orlando family vacation? If you want to avoid being overwhelmed, it’s time to look at the tips and tricks that will keep you focused. Planning Orlando vacations are complicated and rewarding for your whole family. 

Let’s explore why you should take a vacation and other things to keep in mind when creating your Orlando vacation schedule. Continue reading below for more.

When It’s Time to Take a Vacation

Burnout is a huge problem in the United States. Too many people work without using their vacation time or taking time for themselves. While this is usually because they can’t stretch their funds any further, it’s important to take those breaks in life to recharge and be your best self. 

A week’s vacation will release some of the stress you feel every day. Vacation is a great way to not only let go of some of your stress but to also bond with friends and family members. Breaks give you a chance to make those great memories. 

One of the best places to take a vacation and have plenty of options for recreational activity is Orlando, Florida. Orlando should be one of the vacation destinations you look into. Here’s how to start planning your trip.

  1. Figure Out the Best Time

One of the things that makes an Orlando vacation difficult is the weather. For those who are sensitive to heat, the middle of the summer may not be the best time to visit. Florida tends to be on the humid side during those warm summer months. 

Not to mention that summer is one of the rainiest seasons in Florida. Those unexpected downpours may happen at any time during your vacation. You may want to look and plan accordingly if you want a dryer vacation. 

Planning your vacation also depends on when you can get the time off from other responsibilities. Be sure to plan in accordance with your busy schedule and what your free time looks like.

Just be sure to keep school breaks in mind. Orlando will be more crowded during summer vacation and spring break.

  1. Decide Where to Go

Everyone has a different idea of what vacation means and where they would like to go. Just because you’re going to Orlando doesn’t mean that amusement parks are your only option. There are plenty of beaches and other vacation spots that will be just as exciting for everyone involved. 

With that said, theme parks in Orlando are one of the biggest attractions in the area. Disney World, Universal Studios, and even Sea World are all located within the state of Florida. These parks offer fun for the whole family.

For many families, staying off of these giant complexes allows them to visit more than one theme park. It depends on what the budget is and what your family plans to do while in Florida. These are decisions that need to be worked out before cementing plans for your visit. 

  1. Book Your Accommodations

Always book your accommodations before setting off for Orlando. While there are plenty of resorts and hotels, they also fill up very fast. Having a plan of where you will be staying not only guarantees you lodging, but booking in advance can also save you money.  

Booking your accommodations is just as important as deciding where to go. You need a resort or hotel that will best accommodate everyone in your group. Booking hotels in Orlando may seem overwhelming, but once you decide what your plans are, it is easy to decide where your options to stay are. 

If you’re not looking to stay right on resort property, there are other great reports for the entire family. Why not try Glamping? Westgate River Ranch has their Florida glamping resort that could provide fun memories for all ages.  

Whatever your decision is, make sure you read the reviews and make sure it is a hotel or resort you’re going to be comfortable in. 

  1. Decide How to Get There and How to Get Around

If you’re traveling to Orlando from out of state, chances are you’re going to be flying in. Booking your flights needs to come with some practice and thought. Monitor what the best time to fly is and plan out how you’re going to get from the airport to your lodging. 

Some of the theme parks and resorts offer transportation to and from the airport. If you plan on going to more than just the resort and the amenities provided there, this may not work for you. In this case, renting a car may be your best option. 

Deciding how you’re going to be getting around from location to location is essential. Planning these matters out in advance will further help you know what your budget is. 

Florida does offer transportation, but it may not be at your convenience. The last complication you need on your vacation is being stranded. 

  1. Be Sure to Budget

An Orlando vacation budget can run you thousands of dollars. Depending on what you decide to do with your time, you may need to be careful of what you’re spending. Having a preset budget in place can make it a little bit easier for you to stay in a grounded place with your spending. 

Be sure that you are saving money for your vacation as often as possible. Pay off any trip expenses and put some funds aside for your spending money. This is the reason that many people plan to have their trip as planned out as possible beforehand. 

Your first big vacation may make you feel like you need all of the trinkets possible to represent the places you’ve been to. Try to keep your spending in check while you’re away. 

Many individuals open up a saving account just for their vacation spending. Doing this could be a helpful way to budget and save money for your big vacation.  

  1. Be Open to New Restaurants

One of the great things about being on vacation is the option to try new meals. Just like budgeting to bring home trinkets, you also want to have a money allotment for what you’ll be spending on food. Those meal bills can add up quite quickly. 

There are hundreds of restaurants to pick from in Orlando. It doesn’t matter if you’re attending an amusement park or going to the beach. You’re going to encounter different offerings that you’ve never seen before. 

Do your research before your vacation and figure out what places you want to eat at. By going through the restaurant options, you avoid that constant conversation about where you want to pick up food. 

While you take the time to look through menus, you can also figure out what places are must-haves on your list. Find the places that make you want to indulge and enjoy your meal time. 

  1. Have a Rain Plan

Don’t let the wrong type of weather hinder your vacation. Depending on when you decide to go to Orlando, you may be facing some rain-filled days. This shouldn’t break your vacation or ruin your day in any way. 

Figure out a contingency plan in the event that it is going to storm. There are plenty of options for fun indoor activities. Many of the theme parks have indoor spots where you can be safe from any rain and weather. 

Many of the resorts you have to choose from many also offer rainy-day activities. Talk with your family about plans if you have a rainy day. Having alternative options to your set plans will help you to plan a stress-free vacation. 

There are also options such as shopping or catching a film if a rainy day does occur. 

  1. Be Ready for Activity

Going on vacation, while peaceful, isn’t always the most relaxing decision you can make. Before your vacation, make sure that you’re comfortable with doing plenty of walking and getting exercise. For much of the adventure in Orlando, you’re going to need to spend time outdoors walking. 

In the leadup to your vacation, it might be beneficial to do some walking exercises. Try to be in the best shape possible to enjoy your vacation. It will help you if you don’t feel worn out by spending too much time in the sun and doing too much walking. 

If your vacation includes a trip to the amusement parks, you’re going to be spending quite a bit of time on your feet through the day. Be sure you’re ready for the strain that this time of vacation may put on you if you aren’t used to walking so much. 

Give yourself plenty of breaks during your visit. You’re on vacation; it is okay to relax. 

  1. You Don’t Have to Do Everything

Planning your first vacation means that you’re going to try to cram everything into your first visit. One of the best pieces of advice you will receive is to not try to do too much. It’s okay to leave some of these activities for your next visit to Orlando. 

If you try to fit too much into your vacation, you’re going to end up too tired to enjoy it. Try to plan out what you’re going to do and what can be saved for the next vacation. 

Make sure to not give you and your family too much to do. Take time to enjoy the memories you’re making and the adventures you’re going to have. You would never be able to hit every amusement park and adventure spot that Orlando has to offer in just one single trip. 

  1. Remember to Have Fun

The most important tip when it comes to your Orlando vacation is to remember to have fun. While there are plenty of areas that need to be remembered, you can’t get lost in planning. If you focus too much on planning your trip, you lose sight of what your trip is about. 

This is your chance to enjoy your time off of work and the memories you and your friends and family will be making. Have your cameras changed, eat the things you want to eat, and enjoy your vacation. 

While planning your trip is going to be a fun and tedious time, enjoying your vacation will be worth it. Just don’t lose sight of the fact that your vacation is your break from your busy life. Be sure to make all of the memories possible. 

The best way to optimize your fun is to have everything in order before you leave. That way, you can start your vacation without any worries. 

Planning Orlando Vacations Is Exciting

Planning your vacation is the beginning of an adventure of a lifetime. While Planning Orlando vacations may seem troublesome, you’ll enjoy it once you’re in the moment and enjoying your break. Book that vacation and start preparing for the vacation you’ve been waiting for. 

Just ensure you begin saving money now. Also, decide where to stay and visit as soon as possible.

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