These days, most online services allow you to register only by entering your mobile phone number. A confirmation code will be sent to your mobile number, and you will need to enter it in a special field to complete your registration.

But what if you already have one account registered on your mobile number, and you need to create multiple profiles? It used to be necessary to stock up on many SIM cards, moving them around on different phones. On which you could also easily be tracked. Today it’s much easier – you just have to buy a virtual phone number for SMS.

Such numbers are relevant both for individuals and for entrepreneurs. 

  • For the first, it is an opportunity to create several accounts in social networks and messengers, to register in various services. 
  • For the latter, it is to run their business anywhere in the world, to expand their activities, to separate their personal number from their work number.

What are virtual numbers for SMS receiving

A virtual number may at first glance look like an ordinary mobile phone – it uses the same format. However, they operate on a completely different principle. They use modern digital protocols to transmit signals and information.

All you need is an internet connection to use your phone number. You can use it from your PC, tablet, smartphone or any other gadget. You do not need to install special software or buy expensive equipment. You can get and configure your virtual number right on the Internet after just five minutes of registration.

There are two types of virtual number for SMS:

  • One time use – this online number is intended only for single reception of SMS and activation of one account;
  • For rent virtual number – such variant is ideal for multiple use and for getting unlimited SMS as long as rental period is valid.

Virtual Phone Numbers and Security

Let’s talk about your personal data security. Your personal information – phones, emails, services you use – is a valuable resource that is constantly being fought over by hook or by crook.

If your information was stolen or sold, at best you will receive advertising calls and newsletters. At worst, the risk of losing any assets. The anonymity you’ll have with virtual numbers is a big plus.

Why use virtual numbers to get SMS messages?

Virtual numbers are attractive because of their versatility as well as certain advantages:

  1. Anonymity. If you do not want to use your personal number for registration, you may choose any virtual number, go through all the steps and remain anonymous.
  2. Opportunity to get a number of any country in the world. So you do not have to pay for roaming, unblock websites, increase loyalty of clients to the company, etc.
  3.  Low rental cost. Use of virtual telephony is much more profitable, especially if you need several numbers at the same time.

How to get a virtual number for SMS using SMS-man

SMS-man site provides online numbers for SMS verification. You can get virtual numbers from 256 different countries in just a few minutes. In order to do it, follow our step-by-step instruction below:

  1. Go to SMS-man website and in top right corner click on “Sign up”. Then you need to enter the necessary data for registration – your email address and password;
  2. Once you have entered your personal account, you need to top up your balance. You can make a deposit on the “Payment” page.
  3. When you have completed all the above steps, select on the main page one of the countries of your future virtual phone number and the desired service for registration.
  4. Press the “Buy” button in front of the selected one. Then the purchased virtual number will be automatically added to your personal cabinet and fully ready for use.

All received text messages to purchased mobile numbers can be seen on the main page in the section “History of your requests”.

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