What Information Is Used To Create Fake IDs?

Let’s face it; obtaining a fake ID has been a rite of passage for college students since time immemorial. It’s so common that the concept of owning a fake id maker has inevitably woven itself into the pop culture. Nevertheless, the question remains, why do people obtain fake IDs? The reasons are typically different from person to person, but there are a few that stand the test of time. Fake IDs have been around for decades; however, in today’s digital age, they have become more sophisticated and harder to detect. Not only is it an illegal practice with potentially severe consequences, but it is also becoming more common among young adults and college students. But why do people go through the trouble of obtaining a fake ID?In this blog post, we will take a closer look at the most common reasons people obtain fake IDs.

  1. Drinking alcohol – Without a doubt, the most common reason people obtain fake IDs is to buy alcohol. The legal drinking age in the US is 21, but many people under 21 feel they are mature enough to handle alcohol and therefore convince themselves that getting a fake ID is worth the risk. Not everyone who obtains fake IDs is looking to become a regular user or an alcoholic. Still, most people are typically looking to enjoy some inexpensive alcohol with their peers without judgement or legal consequences.
  1. Peer Pressure – Some people lapse into obtaining fake IDs as a result of peer pressure. There is always that group of friends who are a few years older than you and always inviting you to go party with them, knowing that you’re underage. It doesn’t take the long before the pressure kicks in, and you find yourself succumbing to the constant invitations, then to relieve the pressure; you obtain a fake ID.
  1. Driving Restrictions – Another common reason people obtain fake IDs is that they have driving restrictions. Some people, particularly in states with strict driving laws, have restrictions on when they can drive. There are other young adults who cannot drive at night, and this restriction can lead to depression and feelings of isolation among their peers. As a result, they find themselves obtaining fake IDs to get the freedoms they cannot get legally and enjoy their youth while it lasts.
  1. Online Convenience – The rise of online shopping and social media has made obtaining a fake ID more accessible than ever. There is no need to travel to a questionable location or negotiation with random strangers. Thanks to online stores, you can order a high-quality fake ID and have it delivered to your doorstep safely. The easy access makes it easier for young adults to obtain them, increasing the number of people with fake IDs in the US.
  1. Cool Factor – Finally, some people obtain fake IDs as a way to prove they can own one. For high school and college students alike, owning a fake ID can signify independence and adulation from peers. Owning a fake ID is seen as a cool experience that only a few teenagers have had the guts to do. As a result, some people obtain fake IDs for the sole purpose of fitting in and being considered part of the cool kids.
  2. To purchase alcohol or enter clubs and bars – One of the most common reasons why people obtain fake IDs is to purchase alcohol before reaching the legal drinking age of 21. In some states, you need to be 21 or older to enter clubs or bars, but some underage individuals may want to take part in the nightlife scene as well. They may turn to fake IDs as a way to do so.
  1. To vote – The right to vote is restricted to individuals who are 18 years old or older. However, some individuals may falsify their age with a fake ID to cast a ballot in an election. While this action is illegal, some young people believe their vote can make a difference.
  1. To access age-restricted materials – Fake IDs are not only used to gain access to alcohol or clubbing, but they can also be used to access age-restricted materials such as cigarettes, adult content, or firearm and ammunition.
  1. To bypass parental supervision – Many teenagers may obtain fake IDs to avoid parental supervision or restrictions. Some may use a fake ID to purchase items that their parents do not approve of, or to gain unsupervised entry into an event or venue that their parents forbid.
  1. For security clearance – Surprisingly, some individuals obtain fake IDs for security clearance or employment verification reasons. This is often illegal, but individuals may use fake IDs to gain entry into parts of the country using a false identity.

In conclusion, there are several reasons people obtain fake IDs. It ranges from driving restrictions, to peer pressure, to the cool factor, to buying alcohol- individuals tend to find themselves in several of these categories. It is critical to remember that possessing a fake ID is illegal and has significant legal consequences. Such consequences could include the closure or suspension of an establishment that served someone underage, civil damages, and even jail time. Therefore, young adults considering obtaining a fake ID should be careful, do their research, and weigh their decisions carefully. 

In conclusion, the reasons why people obtain fake IDs vary significantly. While most are used to gain access to age-restricted materials such as alcohol and adult content or to bypass parental supervision, some individuals may use fake IDs for more practical reasons like accessing secure areas or obtaining employment. However, the consequences of being caught with a fake ID can be severe, including jail time, hefty fines, or revocation of driving privileges. Therefore, it is essential to understand that obtaining a fake ID is not worth the potential long-term effects and legal consequences.

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