What Do You Need to Apply for a Personal Loan?

The average personal loan amount is about $8,000.

A personal loan can be an effective tool for funding a last-minute purchase or emergency. Many types exist, and some lenders allow you to borrow tens of thousands of dollars. The internet makes it easy to browse and compare personal loan rates to find a lender that works for you.

However, you must meet several requirements to qualify for a personal loan, regardless of the type and amount. While this stipulation can prevent many from acquiring funds, this guide can help you increase your odds.

Continue reading to find out what you need to apply for a personal loan.

Good Credit

One of the main things you need to apply for a personal loan is good credit. Without it, your options will be limited. A good credit score is typically one over 670, though having one above 580 can qualify you for many loans.

If you don’t have good credit, this is a good indicator that you shouldn’t take on more debt. When a lender sees that you miss payments or don’t pay on time, they’re less likely to give you money.

Start slowly paying off loans and reduce how often you borrow, then your score will increase. After achieving good credit, you can apply for a personal loan online and a lender will see that you’ve turned things around, increasing your chances of approval.

Proof of Income

Aside from good credit, you’ll also require proof of income because lenders like will want to see whether you earn enough to afford repayments. This is as simple as providing a few documents that show how much you earn.

Some of the best documents to use are bank statements, pay stubs, tax returns, and letters of employment. It’s best to bring as many as you can because a lender may request several. Having everything will further leave a good impression on the lender.


When applying for a personal loan, a lender may require you to provide collateral. This is when you give a lender an item of value that they’ll hold until you repay the loan.

Some lenders require collateral because it gives them a sense of security. If you fail to make payments, they can use the collateral to get their money back.

You can use things like cars, homes, stocks, and equipment as collateral, but avoid giving too much. If you have a high credit score, there’s a good chance a lender won’t ask for anything.

Apply for a Small Personal Loan Online Today

After reading this article, you now have all the information you need to get a small personal loan online.

If you already have good credit and want a loan, start gathering your financial documents. From there, you can look for a lender that interests you and learn about their terms.

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