The Ultimate Clean Bedroom Checklist

Bedroom cleaning is a nightmare for most people in the United States, evidenced by the 80 percent who have messy bedrooms. While cleaning a bedroom is no one’s idea of a memorable or exciting experience, it’s essential to maintaining a clean and healthy household. The most challenging aspect of tidying a bedroom is knowing where and how to start.

An excellent resource to use when the time to clean your bedroom arrives is a clean bedroom checklist. You can work down the list and enjoy a morale boost with each item you check off. The best cleaning hacks will save you time and help you find enjoyment when cleaning your bedroom.

Luckily, you’re in the right spot to find the best bedroom cleaning checklist for your household chores. Continue reading to enjoy a tidy and organized bed and bedroom today!

Gather Cleaning Supplies

You’ll want the proper cleaning supplies handy when you receive your bedroom cleaning checklist and dive into the tidying process. It’s best to have a few basics ready to handle most aspects of bedroom cleaning. A trashcan or bag is an excellent starting point to eliminate unnecessary clutter in your room.

Microfiber cloths are another essential for dusting and wiping down furniture. It’s also helpful to have a sustainable and safe cleaning solution to eliminate bacteria and odors in the room.

Combine these supplies with a candle, incense, or an essential oil diffuser to add a pleasant aroma to your bedroom. When you finish cleaning your bedroom, you’ll feel like you’re staying in a five-star suite.

Eliminate the Clutter

The best way to tidy your bedroom is to eliminate all clutter you find. Have your trashcan or bag ready for any garbage you find lying around in your bedroom. It’s best to start with the visible surfaces in your bedroom, like dressers, shelves, and nightstands.

It’s also the perfect time to organize any items out of place. If these items don’t belong in the bedroom, find a place to set them while you resume your bedroom cleaning journey.

You can also take the extra step of going through drawers and closets to find items or clothing you no longer use. Consider donating these items to eliminate clutter and prevent waste.

It’s best to declutter these areas before starting the deep cleaning process. A cleaning robot like the one found at is an excellent investment to hasten your cleaning session.

Dust Your Bedroom

It doesn’t take long for dust to accumulate on the surfaces in your bedroom. Dusting is essential to any decent clean bedroom checklist, and cleaning each surface you find is vital. Move all your bedroom furniture away from the wall to make each part of the bedroom accessible.

If you have a microfiber mop, now is the time to put it to use. You can use the mop to access hard-to-reach locations in the bedroom, like the upper walls and ceiling. Focus on top-to-bottom cleaning hacks for the perfect pattern to remove all dust.

You’ll be shocked (and a little grossed out) by the dust you remove from your bedroom walls and ceiling. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe down closet and bedroom doors to finish the dusting portion of your clean bedroom checklist.

Clean the Windows

From the windows to the walls, you must clean each surface in your bedroom for a healthy and comfortable living space. Remove all cloth window coverings and wash them as directed on the tag. Set them aside if you’re required to take them to the cleaners.

Dust and wipe down any blinds covering your bedroom windows to remove any accrued dust. After you’ve exposed the windows, use your microfiber cloth and window cleaning solution to enjoy crystal-clear bedroom windows. The view will always look better after a fresh bedroom cleaning session.

Strip Your Bed

Bedsheets are full of dead skin cells, dandruff, and worse. Failure to strip your bed and clean the sheets creates an ideal environment for bacteria and fungi to grow and thrive. It’s one of the most essential parts of a comprehensive clean bedroom checklist.

It’s a good rule of thumb to strip and clean your sheets every two weeks to create a healthy living environment. Wash these items in your washing machine to enjoy a clean and cozy bed again.

Clean Your Mattress

Mattresses are also the perfect home for harmful bacteria and parasites. The best mattress cleaning method involves dusting the mattress’s surface with baking soda and allowing it to sit for ten minutes. Set a timer to confirm that the baking soda has sat and had the desired effect.

Cleaning the mattress involves using your vacuum cleaner to remove the dusting of baking soda. Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oils on the mattress and enjoy the peace of mind your clean bed provides.

Polish Your Furniture

Polishing wooden furniture is a crucial step toward completing the finishing touches of a clean bedroom. Your guests will be impressed by your neat and tidy home when you go the extra mile with your clean bedroom checklist. Follow the instructions for polishing the type of furniture you have to enjoy the best results.

Sweep the Floors

When checking items off your clean bedroom checklist, the last step is to sweep the floors. You shouldn’t find much that needs to be swept or vacuumed after your robot vacuum finishes.

It’s also the best time to check for stains and discoloration on your bedroom floor. Use a deep cleaner or stain removal solution to eliminate pesky stains in your rug or carpet.

Try This Clean Bedroom Checklist Today

A clean bedroom checklist is an integral component to make bedroom cleaning fun again, and it starts with ensuring you have the necessary cleaning supplies. Eliminate trash or clutter in your bedroom, and strip your sheets to provide comfortable and healthy bedding. Dusting your bedroom walls and ceiling and cleaning any windows is vital.

A tidy home is critical to promote mental and physical health for your family. Explore more of our Home and Real Estate guides for the best tips for a clean and stunning home!

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