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The Benefits of MMS Marketing

MMS marketing hasn’t always been talked about in marketing circles. Digital marketing is the first place many companies go. And since it’s so effective, they are justified in doing so.

But doing this at the expense of MMS marketing is a mistake. MMS marketing carries many benefits for companies looking to improve their marketing efforts. And when 86% of businesses have used text messages for marketing in the past year, companies are beginning to catch on.

If you’re unsure if MMS marketing is right for your business, look no further. Below are the many benefits of investing in MMS message marketing.

Send Immediate Messages

Some marketing campaigns require immediate action. You have a deal, and shoppers may not have much time to take advantage of your offering. People may not get to your message in time if you rely on social media and email.

But things are different with MMS messages. Text messages go through immediately and have no wait time. As a result, you can send messages to your MMS list and expect them to show up on their phones immediately.

As a result, people won’t miss your deals when you send them. And since people look at MMS messages so quickly, the chances are good that you’ll see a better conversion rate.

Higher Open Rates

One of the biggest problems with traditional digital marketing avenues is the competition in the space. More companies than ever have digital marketing campaigns. As a result, people start tuning out marketing messages because they are tired of seeing them.

The same isn’t true with MMS messages. Unlike other forms of marketing, including email, MMS marketing still doesn’t have as companies heavily using it.

This means customers are less likely to ignore your MMS messages. You can expect a higher open rate because of this. You’ll get more value from your MMS marketing list if you have good messaging.

More Cost Effective

Although digital marketing can lead to great results, it’s getting expensive to do. Content costs a lot of money to produce, and PPC ads are more expensive than ever. If your company doesn’t have a large marketing budget, you may not be able to see great results.

However, this isn’t the case with MMS marketing services. It doesn’t cost a lot of money to send text messages. As a result, companies with phone numbers of customers can send marketing messages to customers without much cost.

You can use your MMS marketing to kickstart marketing campaigns and generate revenue. At that point, you can begin expanding your marketing efforts to other channels.

Personalize Your Marketing

One of the great things about sending text messages is that they are more personal. They go directly to the individual and don’t require them to open an email client to read them.

And when you combine that with data, you can get even more personal. You may know where a customer lives and their product preferences. You can use this information to send personalized offers relevant to the individual.

Personalizing in this manner will help your conversion rates. You don’t need to send irrelevant offers that don’t convert, which means you can get more value from your MMS marketing efforts.

Create an Appealing Message

Traditional marketing with text messages is already an effective marketing method. But when you add MMS messaging to the picture, you have even more options.

Since you can add images to your messages, you can tell a better story to your customers. You can use imagery to create better marketing material that tells your company’s story and convinces customers to buy.

And if you aren’t sure of the type of messages to send, you can check out a messages template to see your options. There are many resources that will help you create more compelling MMS messages.

Longer Messages

One of the biggest problems with traditional text messages is the character limit. Phone carriers limit your message size, so you have to be careful with your messages to avoid them being cut off.

The same isn’t true with MMS messages. On top of adding multimedia to your content, you can also add more characters to your messages.

This helps businesses craft more compelling text messaging campaigns. You have more space to tell your brand’s messages when you aren’t limited to one message. It still may not be wise to create extremely long MMS messages, but you can expand your messages to a reasonable length.

Create Sharable Messages

Creating a compelling story is only one of the benefits of creating a more compelling MMS message. You create more shareable content since you can add images, GIFs, and other media to your messages.

This means that many MMS users will share your messages with their friends and family. Most devices allow shoppers to share messages with their contacts easily. If you create a compelling message, you can expand the reach of your marketing campaigns.

Sharable content was something that was usually only beneficial for digital marketing campaigns. MMS makes this possible in the text messaging space.

Start MMS Marketing Today

With how much competition there is in the online space, you need a way to reach customers that gives you the best chance of success. The problem with many platforms like social media is that you aren’t guaranteed to reach people. But that isn’t the case with MMS marketing.

You can be assured that you’ll reach your customers with text messages. Now that you understand more about the benefits of MMS messages, set up your first MMS campaign today and create marketing strategies that take advantage of everything MMS offers.

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