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6 Digital Marketing Trends in Healthcare

Each year the healthcare industry spends upwards of $30 million on various digital marketing efforts. The goal is to increase healthcare awareness for patients and continue to advance the procedures used to provide everyone with the appropriate level of care.

Do you work within a healthcare facility? If so, you might be wondering what digital marketing trends are and which ones your business should implement as a part of your overall marketing strategy.

Read on now and learn about trends that should be a part of your digital marketing plan now.

  1. Patient-Focused Content

One of the most prominent trends becoming popular is the content produced by healthcare companies. Instead of producing content just to do it, more content is being created with the patient in mind.

That means that the information being provided centers around topics that patients want to know about. Things that they are actively seeking the answers to.

This content should answer questions that patients would typically call in to have answered because it improves the patient journey. Along with creating content, you’ve got to consider Healthcare SEO.

The last thing you want to do is spend a significant amount of time creating content only for it not to be discovered by your patients. SEO will ensure that the content you create is adequately optimized and is discoverable by the patients.

We recommend providing evergreen content because this type of content follows the ins and outs of SEO rules, which will help you attain your content goals better.

  1. Use of AI-Powered Technology

Artificial intelligence is becoming more prominent, especially in the healthcare industry, because it helps provide better patient care. Artificial intelligence can also be used for various marketing purposes.

For example, chatbots can be used to market various services your business offers. They can also bridge the gap between customer service staff and patients.

While it hasn’t been pinpointed exactly how AI will help with marketing, it is known that AI can help improve daily workflow. For example, the chatbots can send reminders to patients about their upcoming appointments.

This can help reduce the number of appointments missed by people who don’t receive the same notifications.

  1. Voice Search Capability

People spend a lot of time moving from one place to another, which means time is of the essence. Not everyone has time to type every word into the search bar, which makes voice-to-text an excellent option for people to use while they’re busy.

When thinking of your digital marketing plan, keep voice search in mind and make it one of the many options people have to choose from. When people use voice to text, it’s because they are taking action to do something like scheduling an appointment or refilling a prescription.

Therefore you need to ensure that when you provide this option, it’s going to deliver the right answer with accuracy each time.

  1. Rise of Telehealth

Due to the pandemic, more people are staying home when they begin to feel even the slightest bit sick. This means they aren’t risking even going to the doctor’s office to be seen.

For this reason, telehealth has been on the rise because not everyone wants to leave their home when they aren’t feeling well. If you want to increase your patients, you need to ensure that you have a telehealth option on your website.

Ensure the platform you use for these visits is reliable, and you won’t lose connection during the appointments. You can create prompts on the patient’s side to ensure the audio and visual is checked before the visits begin.

Telehealth makes it possible to access proper care from anywhere.

  1. Better Usage of Social Media

4.9 billion people use several social media platforms. With that many people using social media, it makes it more critical than ever for your business to be active.

The best way to be active on social media is to create a schedule that allows you to post frequently. Ensure you don’t go overboard with posting because you want to ensure you can keep up with the content you’re putting out.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you don’t want to abandon your profiles. If you want to see an increase in engagement, spend time connecting with your followers and answering their questions when they message you.

  1. User Website Experience Matters

Another one of our digital marketing tips is to pay attention to the interface of your healthcare website. When patients are looking for information like a phone number or a link to schedule an appointment, they should be able to find this on your website.

However, if the design of your website isn’t user-friendly, it can lead to them having a more complicated experience than they would otherwise. More businesses are prioritizing choosing a website design that is more organized and easier to navigate.

While we’re on the topic of creating a user-friendly website, ensure that all the links are updated. No one wants to click on a link that takes them somewhere they don’t want to be.

We also recommend that you make your website unique. You should do something that sets you aside from your competitors. While still providing the information that patients are looking for.

Digital Marketing Trends You Don’t Want to Miss

When it comes to digital marketing trends, you want to take advantage of several of them. Certain trends, like ensuring your website is user-friendly and making the most of SEO, there’s always something you could do better.

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