How to Partner With the Right CBD Supplier

Cannabidiol (CBD) is no longer a nice little secret in the cannabis industry. It’s a massive $12.8 billion business that is on track to grow by nearly 22% through 2028. With so much attention and traction, many companies have gotten into the CBD business, for better and for worse. 

If you’re looking for a quality CBD wholesaler, keep in mind that not all are created equal. How do you know you’ve found a quality company to do business with?

These tips will help you separate the great from the subpar when you’re looking for a CBD supplier.

Figure Out Your Brand First

First things first, know thyself. When you know your company’s brand, vision, and mission statement, it’s easier to find a supplier that is an asset and not a liability. 

Find out how long the wholesaler has been in business and their company values, and don’t compromise when it comes to choosing the right fit. You’ll be better able to serve your customers when you’ve chosen a supplier that is aligned with the type of business you’re trying to operate. 

Browse Their Product Catalog

Next, make sure that the bulk CBD products supplier has a wide array of products that your customers are looking for. This includes a nice mix of CBD flowers, vapes, edibles, and topicals. Prioritize full-spectrum CBD to make sure that the products include all of the compounds of the cannabis plant. 

Speaking to a credible supplier can also help you learn more about other cannabinoids, such as:

  • Cannabigerol (CBG)
  • Cannabinol (CBN)
  • Cannabicyclol (CBL)

They may also offer broad-spectrum and CBD-isolate products. The company should have products of different strains, with fun flavors and features that your customers appreciate. And most importantly, the CBD distributor should regularly order more and upgrade to keep their product supply fresh. 

Make Sure Their CBD Products Are Clean and Tested

Sell your customers nothing but the cleanest and best products available. Make sure of this by choosing companies that lab test everything they distribute. Ask for documentation of the lab results so that you know the products are pure and free of contaminants. 

They should also clearly label their products to include testing results, in addition to CBD content and potency. 

Focus on Service and Timeliness

Any company that you choose should have brand new CBD for sale that reaches you in a timely fashion. Your CBD wholesaler should provide guarantees on their delivery times, along with return policies and clear avenues for you to file complaints and get customer service. 


When choosing a company to work with, gauge their ease of communication, and pay attention to customer service comments when looking through reviews. 

Choose an Excellent CBD Supplier

These tips are must-have if you’re looking for a CBD supplier to do business with. If you’re in the market for CBD bulk products to sell in your online or brick-and-mortar shop, start with these words of advice. 

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