How to Convert Seconds to Minutes


Turning seconds into minutes is a more common assignment than it may seem at first. Not only sportsmen or math learners may need to convert two metrics. Ordinary users may be likewise required to transform sec. into minutes and on the contrary occasionally.

That’s why it wouldn’t be redundant to learn how to turn one unit into another. If you don’t have any idea of how to do this, don’t hasten to worry. Below we will familiarize ourselves with both metrics closer and have a look at useful practices of their conversion.

Definition of a Second

The second is the unit of time in the International System of Units. You may abbreviate this unit as “s” or “sec”. For instance, you may write down 1 second as 1 s or 1 sec. This unit of time has historically been determined as 1/86,400 of a day.

Determination of a Minute

The minute is likewise regarded as a unit of time in the International System of Units. You may abbreviate this unit as “min”. For instance, you may write down 1 minute as 1 min.

Means of Turning Seconds into Min.

Transforming sec. to minutes is easier than it may appear at first. You may begin by giving yourself a response to the “how many seconds in a minute” question. As known, there are 60 seconds in 1 minute. This implies 120 seconds will be equal to 2 minutes, 180 seconds will be equal to 3  minutes, 240 seconds will be equal to 4 minutes, and so on. For instance, your task is to turn 300 seconds into minutes. Logically, your response will be 5 minutes.

Rely on an Equation

Another effective solution to turn sec. into minutes is to learn a simple equation. All you should do is divide the number of sec. by 60 and you will receive a proper number of min.

Let’s consider an example. You have the assignment to transform 1000 seconds into minutes. This implies you should take a calculator and divide 1000 by 60. Your response is 16.6 min.

To make sure your calculations are right, you may just multiply the obtained number of min. by 60. This implies when you multiply 16.6 by 60, you should receive 1000 sec.

Take Advantage of Online Converter

If you are required to convert seconds to minutes often and quickly, you may lean on a helpful unit converter. This tool contributes to correct unit conversions without an issue. Aside from turning units of time, you have the possibility to likewise transform units of energy, length, temperature, speed, pressure, power, force, and many others.

Don’t Forget to Practice

To consolidate knowledge, it is advisable to practice and turn sec to min from time to time. You may discover various examples on the internet or ask your friends and relatives to provide you with examples to practice your conversion skills.

In case you don’t possess sufficient time for practice, you may always make use of an online converter. If you switch to, you will find a suitable tool that will carry out necessary conversions in a flash of an eye.


The necessity to transform seconds into minutes may occur more often than you expect. Luckily, you don’t have to panic if you have no experience in turning two units of time. Having a calculator on your gadget, you should simply divide the number of sec. by 60 to get the correct number of min. As an alternative, you may employ an online converter tool that will perform all the work instead of you.

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