How to Check Your Account Balance with Union Bank of India Mini Statement

Union Bank of India is a renowned financial institution offering customers several financial products and services. The Bank offers offline services and allows customers to access their account details online through different modes to keep their experience smooth and hassle-free. One such feature is the Union Bank of India mini statement that is useful in easily tracking their account details.

On that note, let’s find out how to access Union Bank mini statement to check balance and more. 

Ways that get Union Bank mini statement

Typically there are 6 ways to access Union Bank mini statement, and they are listed below in two groups –

Offline methods:

  1. SMS services
  2. Missed Call services
  3. Visiting Bank branch
  4. Visiting ATM branch

Online methods

  1. Mobile banking
  2. Internet banking

How to access Union Bank mini statement and check the balance?

Here are the different ways to check Union Bank of India mini statement and balances. 

  1. Offline methods 

UBI Mini Statement via SMS

Union Bank customers can access their mini statement via SMS by simply sending UMNS’ to 09223008486. Once completed, an SMS will be sent to their registered mobile number featuring the small statement. To avail of this feature, customers must register their mobile phone number with the Bank and send the SMS through the same. 

Union Bank  Mini Statement via Missed Call

One can also access Union Bank mini statement by giving back missed calls to a number designated by the Bank. 

Follow these steps to avail of the same –

Step 1: Dial  09223008586 from the registered mobile number

Step 2: Wait for the call to connect and ring

Step 3: Wait for the call to disconnect

Step 4: Once the call gets disconnected, an SMS will be sent to the registered mobile number

The SMS will feature recent transactions, offering insights into its activities. 

Union Bank Mini Statement Number from Bank branch

Follow these steps to access the statement from the bank branch

Step 1: Visit the nearest UBI branch

Step 2: Show your passbook to a Bank representative and request an update

or use the automatic passbook update machine to get the latest detail

Once updated, the Bank passbook will show a record of all account transactions and the total account balance. 

Union Bank of India Mini Statement via an ATM

One can also avail of Union Bank mini statements from the bank’s ATM Or any third-party ATM and track their transactions easily. 

All one needs the do is to follow these steps:

Step 1: Visit an ATM vestibule

Step 2: Use an ATM card/debit card to access the machine

Note that you can use your UBI debit card to check your balance from an SBI other ATMs. Similarly, you can use your SBI debit card at any third-party vestibule to check the bank account detail 

Step 3: Select a language

Step 4: Enter your 4-digit PIN when prompted

Step 5: Select ‘mini statement’ from the screen menu

Step 6: Select the account type

Subsequently, you will receive a mini statement featuring your latest transactions. You can also print the same and keep them as a reference for later use. 

B. Online methods

Union Bank Mini Statement via Mobile Banking

Individuals who have registered for the mobile Bank services can access their Union Bank mini statement in a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Go to the app store and download the ‘U-Mobile’ app, and install it on your smartphone

Step 2: Sign up for the app using a registered phone number

Step 3: A confirmation OTP will be sent to the registered number

Step 4: Initiate the enrollment process and use the new password to log in, or

Use your login ID and password to use the app

Step 5: Navigate to ‘m passbook’

Step 6: View mini Bank statement

Note that to view the Union Bank of India mini statement, one must register for the mobile banking services. To initiate the process, they need to visit the Bank and submit the required ID proof or may choose to self-register for the mobile banking services using the Union Bank app. 

Union Bank of India Mini Statement via net Banking

UBI customers can also access their mini bank statements to view account details via net banking services. 

Here are the steps to initiate the same:

Step 1: Visit the online website of Union Bank of India to access net banking services

Step 2: Use your net banking user ID and password to log in 

Step 3: Navigate to the ‘Accounts’ column

Step 4: Select the ‘Account Summary’ option

Step 5: Select the account type

Step 6: Click on the ‘View Statement’ option

Once these steps are followed, the detail of recent transactions will appear on the screen

These are a few ways to access UBI mini statement and view account details as and when required. Notably, the online methods ensure a quicker and more hassle-free way of checking account details and accessing transaction information. 

However, those who are not comfortable with the offline process should consider SMS and Missed call banking services rather than opting for the in-person branch visit option if they want to access account detail quickly.

In case one must visit the bank to access statement detail, one should check bank timings beforehand. Notably, the timings of the two banks might differ. In other words, UBI timings may differ from that of other banks, so make sure to check the same and visit the bank accordingly. 

Advantages of Mini Statement from UBI

Here are a few advantages of the UBI mini-statement –

  1. UBI small statement service has been made available to customers 24*7
  2. The different ways of accessing mini statements ensure that one can easily avail of the documents without waiting in queues
  3. The offline methods of availing of UBI mini statement allows those without a smartphone or internet connection to access account detail without visiting the bank
  4. The online and offline methods offer quick access to the key detail and help save time
  5. Customers can access the mini statement for free at any time they need it. 
  6. UBI mini statement helps to track account balance, find the latest transactions, and identify errors in transaction recording, making it easier to stay updated about one’s account detail. 

Remember these to aeasily ccess your UBI mini statement and track your account details conveniently.

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