How to Build a Strong Case for Child Custody

Divorce can be difficult in many ways for children, so putting their best interests first is crucial. More than 40% of divorces in California involve couples with minor children.

Child custody is an important decision that many couples must face. There are often many factors to consider when deciding who should have custody of a child.

The courts will want to gather as much information as possible to decide who should have custody of your children. But with so much on the line, how can you ensure you build the strongest case?

Here’s how to get custody of a child in your divorce. So, if you’re dealing with this and need guidance, keep reading because this blog may help. 

  1. Maintain Records

One thing you’re required to do in a child custody case is to demonstrate how active you are in your child’s life. To do this correctly, you must keep records of visitations, parenting plans, etc. Developing a parenting plan can be some of the most important things you do to help you win child custody.

  1. Hire an Experienced Lawyer

If you’d like a good chance of winning your child custody case, hiring an experienced lawyer can help a lot. They can help work through the custody arrangements between you and your ex-spouse and their lawyer.

You can ask friends for recommendations if you know anyone who’s had a divorce involving children. We recommend reading reviews online to help you decide which family lawyer to hire. You can find lawyers by searching for sites like,, etc.

  1. Attend All Important Meetings

Another critical factor in building a solid child custody case is attending necessary meetings and events involving your child. This is another way to demonstrate ways to be active in your child’s life, which can help in court.

Ensure you attend religious events like Bar or Bat Mitzvahs, parent-teacher meetings, doctor’s appointments, playgroups, birthday parties, and school plays. Attending significant events like the ones listed goes a long way to show your commitment to your child and their wellbeing.

  1. Be Careful With Social Media

Social media has taken over many lives, and it can be difficult for some people to keep their dirty laundry off social networks like Facebook or Twitter. If you publically bash your ex-spouse, this can be captured and used against you in your child custody battle.

This means you risk losing even joint custody of your children. To help keep your child custody case strong, stay away from publicly discussing your ex or divorce online.

  1. Have Their Space Prepared

Another way to prove you have a strong case if you’re seeking physical custody is to have a space prepared for them in your home. You want to show the court that you are ready to take on the child for overnight visits where they will have their own bedroom to sleep in.

It’s not only for the court’s benefit, however. Giving your child their own room will also help them feel more settled while they become accustomed to their new way of living between parents.

Know How to Get Custody Of a Child And Build a Strong Case

Building a solid child custody case is essential to win your case and get physical custody of your child. To do this, you can take several steps. You can hire a lawyer with experience with child custody cases (and have won!), prepare a permanent space in your home for your child, attend as many visitations, events, and meetings as possible, and document it all. Doing these things will go a long way to helping you get custody of your child.

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