How and why a coffee shop should promote a TikTok channel

It is difficult to imagine a modern institution without an account in social networks. Even before the doors open, projects warm up the audience with enticing photos and videos, wanting to find customers in advance. Today we are talking about why coffee houses need TikTok and how to develop it correctly so that you don’t have to buy TikTok followers often.

Is it necessary to allocate a budget for the development of social networks

Often, newbies don’t have the funds for an SMM agency, but there’s no need to be upset about that. You should not spend big money on SMM, especially if you need to spend a huge part of the company’s budget for this. However, having a TikTok channel in 2022 is a must. Now almost all people use it as a platform for finding new places. The visual range and adherence to the style of the platform are important.

If B2B companies decide to run social networks and get their customers, then establishments need this as a calling card. It is important for a coffee shop to have a clear identity. If the concept and the visuals on TikTok match, a portrait of the establishment is created for customers and the place is remembered.

For example, many coffee shops adhere to a minimalistic, classic concept both in interior design and in their videos. Muted shades, non-dynamic calm videos. Others, on the contrary, prefer bright colors, warm shades, mouth-watering short videos and publish recipes. Both concepts work.

How to choose an SMM specialist

If you have money for an experienced specialist, look for recommendations from friends, on Facebook thematic groups and carefully study ready-made cases. It is better when the targetologist and the content creator are different people working together. Specialists are running several projects in parallel. Therefore, if you want high results, share their responsibilities.

If the budget is small, then look for a beginner. University graduates from the direction of marketing, for example. It is best not to apply to students of blogging courses and related areas. There are many subtleties in SMM that they may not be aware of.

How to run a TikTok account

Now coffee houses in TikTok are separate accounts that employees create who want to run them in parallel with their main work. However, this area has a great future.

The main thing is to publish regularly and not give up after the first months. Wait until the algorithm understands who to show your videos to so that it does not disappear among hundreds of similar ones.

You need to understand that TikTok is a visual network, therefore, the content must be offered appropriately and beautifully. Each of your videos should have a feature, idea or script. In Instagram, the correspondence of both photos, videos, and texts is very important.

Announce the design features, the philosophy of the institution, take aesthetic photos. If the coffee shop has an experienced barista, please list that. You can make a video with him, showing how he prepares one of the coffee drinks on the menu.

Come up with some intrigue. For example, do not give the name of a popular employee when mentioning him. Develop unusual menu items by reporting it on the page.

Over the past few years, coffee has been a strong trend. Few people are ready to refuse it, and walking around the city center with a beautiful glass or publishing a photo with it is an obligatory routine for young people. Being engaged in such an effective channel for project promotion, you do not lose anything.

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