Decoding Solar Panels: Know all About Usage, Safekeeping & More

Decoding Solar Panels: Know all About Usage, Safekeeping & More

Solar panels are a blessing to humans. They are designed to generate electricity by using an abundant natural energy source, i.e., the sun. Most of the solar panels in India are made from crystalline silicon-type solar cells, and there are various types that you can choose from as per the requirements and budgets. They are also popularly known as solar cell panels. 

Earlier the use of solar panels was restricted to measuring light, but today with the advancement of technology, it is now used to create electricity. Solar panels are now used in hospitals, households, and agricultural sectors and are proven to be a plus point when it comes to meeting energy needs. Solar panels absorb sunlight, convert it into electrical energy and store it in batteries or thermal storage for future use. It is an efficient and cost-saving form of technology that has made lives easier. It helps the users save the extra penny they might spend on heavy electricity bills.Power your home or business with eco-friendly solar panels Ireland. SolarShare.ie offers a wide range of high-performance solar panels designed to meet your energy needs.

By installing solar panels, you can generate renewable energy. A solar panel consists of many cells made from layers of semiconducting material, mainly silicon. These cells do not necessarily need direct sunlight and can also work on cloudy days. However, the stronger the sunlight, the more efficient and productive the solar panels are. It is the key solution in combating the current climatic crisis and can reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

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Solar energy is useful to us in quite different ways; the sun creates two types of energy, i.e. light and heat. With the ability to correctly identify their benefits, humans can use them in various ways. Let us explore the different uses of solar panels and how they can benefit us.

  • Solar Electricity

Solar panels have gained much momentum in recent years as more people have become aware of the benefits of solar energy. Therefore, they are becoming increasingly accessible. Solar panels are most commonly used in homes or businesses. Not just from a savings perspective, they also help combat greenhouse gas emissions because they derive clean energy from the sun.

  • Solar Lighting

Solar lights have become common; they can be easily found anywhere, from home landscaping and security lights to road signs and streetlights. In addition, they are less expensive and easily available now. In terms of designs, you can find a vast variety readily available at your local hardware stores and online shopping websites.

  • Solar Powered Ventilation Fans

Ventilation fans are a great option since they help reduce hot air from attic spaces and other areas. Traditionally these ventilation fans were wired into household electrical current. However, today they are designed with an energy and cost-saving technique, i.e. solar-powered ventilation fans. They work with the electricity generated through solar panels, and you can buy self-contained roof vent fans. It is one of the most common residential uses of solar energy.

  • Solar Power for Battery Charging

Any device that operates on the battery can be charged virtually with solar power via a photo-electric panel system. Photo-electric solar panels aim to create DC, similar to most batteries. Therefore, many solar panel kits allow access to plug-in cell phones, pad devices and laptops for DC. This is again a very beneficial way of using solar energy and helps in cost savings.

To generate solar power efficiently, it is essential to protect them. Cleaning them every six months to a year is recommended if you wish to maintain the solar panels’ productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. The cleaning requirement depends on where you live and the area’s level of dirt and pollution. Here are a few convenient tips on how to safeguard from deterioration, damage or theft:

  • Avail insurance
  • Get your panels installed properly
  • Keep your panels clean
  • Cut back your trees
  • Set up an alarm system
  • Mark your solar panels


Solar panels continue to become more efficient in producing electricity in a limited space, along with offering cost-saving advantages. Solar panels have been more impactful in the past few years. The solar industry is the fastest-growing sector of renewable energy. They are one of the most effective cost-saving solutions that let you save extra solar energy batteries that will further help you during frequent power cuts. 

Luminous India works towards a better future, and with the advanced technology, they have taken a step toward clean energy use from the natural source, i.e., sun. Therefore, investing in solar panels is wise, and Luminous India offers the best and most efficient solar panels. Feel free to explore Luminous’ range to bring home unparallel performance.

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