Choosing the Perfect Fit: Decoding King vs. California King Mattress Sizes

Selecting the proper mattress size is crucial when choosing your future bed. King and California King are your two finest selections if you prefer lots of room. But what distinguishes these two sizes from one another?

It’s a frequent misconception that California kings are bigger than regular kings. Interestingly, that is not the case. The California king is shorter than the normal king but narrower and has a smaller overall surface area. Keep reading to find out California King vs. King could better fit your circumstances.

What is a California King Size?

A California king mattress, sometimes called a Western king, is the same size as two twin XL mattresses combined and measures 72 inches by 84 inches. Couples, especially taller sleepers over six feet, also benefit greatly from this mattress size. The Cal king mattress is narrower than a king-size mattress; therefore, in addition to two adults, it may provide room for one or two small children.

The overall surface area of a California king mattress is 6,048 inches, making it the second-largest conventional mattress size. While master suites of 12 feet by 12 feet are appropriate for California king mattresses, a room of 12 feet by 14 feet would be preferable to accommodate the bed’s additional length.


  • Good for People who are at least 6 feet tall.
  • Couples who prefer to be closer.
  • Couples with different sleeping habits can choose the split California king option.
  • Spacious bedrooms.


  • The bulky size makes it difficult to maneuver.
  • A higher price.
  • Finding bedding is challenging.

What is a King Size?

The dimensions of a king-size mattress are 76 inches by 80 inches, or two twin XL beds laid side by side. A king-size bed, also called an Eastern king, is made for two people to sleep in, but it also includes space for kids who want to cuddle up to their parents at night.

The largest mattress size available is the conventional king bed, which has a surface area of 6,080 square inches. This bed size is ideal for master bedrooms that are at least 12 feet by 10 feet in size, yet for the best balance of space, 13 feet by 13 feet bedroom is advised. It is the second most popular option for couples after the queen-size bed.


  • There is space for kids and couples who prefer to spread out.
  • Spacious bedrooms.
  • Readily accessible.
  • There is a split king option for couples with different sleeping habits.


  • Expensive.
  • Too large for small places.
  • Large and heavy, making movement difficult.

Things to Consider When Choosing

Consider room size, cost, and sleeper height when choosing a king or California king mattress. Consider whether you sleep close or apart as a couple.

1. Room size

According to sleep expert Harrison Wall, the California King mattress is best for long rooms. This makes it excellent for 12×12 guest rooms or master bedrooms. However, Wall suggests 12×14-foot rooms for comfortable movement and walking.

However, guest and master bedrooms benefit from the King mattress. The King mattress may not fit in a narrow room. Wall advises a 13-by-13-foot room for a King mattress.

2. Cost and Height

The price of the mattress is important. Brand, materials, construction, and features influence mattress prices. Establishing a budget and understanding how beneficial a good mattress can be for your health and sleep is critical. 

The choice of mattress is influenced by height. The bedroom decor and sleep quality are all impacted by mattress height. Based on your height and level of fitness, choose a mattress. Longer mattresses are necessary for taller persons to support and align their bodies.

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