Branches of the Military

The branches of the military play crucial roles in the United States and abroad, and over 1.3 million brave servicemen and women are serving in the military in 2022. Each branch of service provides a different function to protect freedom at home and abroad. Honoring the veteran in your family starts with understanding what they’ve experienced while in the service.

The US has one of the world’s largest and most advanced militaries, and the people serving choose between five different military branches. While they each have similarities, it’s critical to know what separates them.

Fortunately, you’ve discovered the perfect guide to learning about each of the service branches and the functions they provide. Continue reading to become a military expert today!


The US Army was established in 1775 and is the longest-standing branch of the military. The origins go back to George Washington’s Continental Army, which has a long history of success and honor.

The modern Army focuses its resources and efforts on defending the ground and air in the US. It’s also home to several elite units. Consider getting Army challenge coins as gifts for veterans in your life.


The Navy has origins dating back centuries and played a critical role in winning US independence from England. The Navy is most famous for protecting the US with sea power, though it has some of the most talented aviators in the world. Add the Navy SEALs into the equation, and you have a well-rounded, elite fighting force.


The Marines are famed for their toughness and esprit de corps. They’re technically part of the Navy, but much of their efforts and resources are focused on fighting on the ground.

They’re often the first troops on the ground when a conflict starts. Marines serve on Navy bases and ships as an additional force in precarious situations.

Coast Guard

The Coast Guard performs the critical role of protecting and defending the coasts and shores of the continental United States. They’re also the go-to first responder for emergencies in US waters.

It’s unique because it’s a military branch and a law enforcement agency. They search for illicit drugs getting smuggled while also performing search and rescue missions after accidents.

Air Force

The US Air Force uses air power to protect the US and its interests. It got founded in the 20th century as a wing of the Army but became a separate branch after World War Two.

The members of the Air Force fly the most advanced aircraft on the planet. Other members maintain these jets to ensure everything works as designed.

Now You Know the Branches of the Military

Honoring the veterans in your life is critical so they understand you appreciate their sacrifices for liberty at home and abroad. Honoring members of the branches of the military for their courage with challenge coins is an excellent way of showing that appreciation. Finding the best fit is also helpful if you’re inspired to start serving in the military.

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