Becoming A Social Media Influencer

So, you are really something special, and everybody says so! Whatever “it” is, you have it, and lots of it! It’s no wonder you’re so popular and have so many followers because when you talk, people listen! If this sounds like you, then I have good news- there’s money to be made! You are just the right kind of person to become a social media influencer.

You have undoubtedly heard the term ‘influencer’ bandied about unless you have been hiding in a cave for the last five years, but just to be clear, what exactly is one? A professional influencer is a user who has attracted a large number of followers on a popular social media platform like Facebook and then uses their audience to promote the goods and services of their brand partners. Influencers, in conjunction with their partner’s Facebook marketing strategy, promote brands by demonstrating and discussing the positive aspects of products, thus creating content that influences people to buy them. An influencer can be likened to an old-time carnival barker or a TV commercial spokesperson, “Step right up folks and try the wonderful new (insert name of the product being influenced)! You won’t be sorry!”

Amazingly enough, professional social media influencers have a lot of (wait for it) influence and have become an important marketing tool for a wide variety of online businesses. The influencer’s followers are often extremely loyal, trusting them implicitly for advice on just about everything- fashion, music, games, movies, food, lifestyle choices- the sky’s the limit, and there’s money to be made! Smart influencers pay careful attention to digital marketing trends so they know what’s likely to be hot, and what’s doomed to be not!

Let’s take a closer look at how influencers do what they do.


Collaborate with an affiliated business’s marketing department to find exciting ways to promote their products in social media campaigns.
Research their partner brand’s products to create new, fresh promotional content.
Respond to messages and comments from their followers to build the trust and relationships that are a critical part of the influencer’s promotional powers.
Write captions and descriptions of the content they are posting to inform and connect with their followers.
Create videos and photographs of themselves using their partner’s products to inspire followers to purchase them.

Now let’s talk about that elephant whose been quietly hanging around in the room. I believe the question is, how much money do influencers make? On average, an influencer can expect to make a salary of roughly $50,000 a year. This is of course dependent on the size of the influencer’s audience, and the success of the products they are promoting. The more people they can reach, the more profits they will generate, and the more cash they can put in their bank. Influencers are not exempt from the government’s attention, so check here for some helpful guidelines on the profession.

If this sounds exciting to you, then get online and start influencing!

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