8 Exciting Things to Do In Tampa for Couples

Did you know that Tampa is one of the best cities for couples? It is!

Tampa Bay is an excellent weekend getaway or romantic vacation location. The beautiful gulf beaches, rich history, and diverse cuisine make a fantastic trip.

Tampa offers tons of fun for couples that are looking for some activities. From restaurants to venues, there are endless things to do in Tampa.

If you need a fun night in town planned, look no further. Here are some exciting things to do in Tampa for couples.

  1. Explore the Tampa Riverwalk

Located along the Hillsborough River, this vibrant Riverwalk offers many trendy restaurants, pubs, and cafes. This can satisfy any couple’s curious appetite for culinary adventure or the need for exciting nightlife.

Along with having distinctive places to dine, enjoying the Riverwalk’s spectacular views and picturesque nature is one of the things to do in Tampa for free. The scenery offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere while couples float down the lazy Hillsborough River on a pontoon boat or kayak.

Moreover, the Riverwalk is perfect for a romantic walk or bike ride. Test one’s bravery and take a trip up to the very top of the zip line on the Riverwalk and enjoy meaningful conversations while soaring high above the Riverwalk. There’s no doubt that the Tampa Riverwalk is the perfect place for couples to rekindle relationships and create new lasting memories.

  1. Visit the Tampa Theater

Tampa Theater is a great spot to visit for couples who are looking for something exciting to do. The theater hosts live performances, concerts, comedy shows, other special events, and classic film screenings.

It also has a full-service bar and concession stand offering classic snacks and a more upscale dinner menu. With a grand lobby, suits of armor, exhibits, and an excellent digital projection system, the Tampa Theater is a perfect spot for a romantic evening.

About two blocks from Tampa Theater, there’s an amazing escape room activity that you and your partner can try to cap the night off. You can click here to check out their rooms and find one that interests you.

  1. Take a Sunset Cruise

Imagine sailing across the glistening bay, watching the sunset paint the sky gold and pink. Several companies offer sunset cruises at varying times of the day, from pre-dusk to starlit evenings.

The cruise includes various activities, from dancing to dinner to fantastic views of Tampa’s skyline. Cruise staff also provide drinks and snacks during outings and romantic candlelight dinners on some of the evening cruises.

This is the perfect way to spend quality time with your special someone and create unforgettable memories. The sky’s beauty and the water’s tranquility surely make the sunset cruise a unique and romantic experience for couples.

  1. Explore the Tampa Museum of Art

The Tampa Museum of Art has exciting and captivating works of art, from ancient Greek sculptures and pottery to contemporary paintings and sculptures. It is a great place to explore together and gain insights into the history and creativity of people.

You can also enjoy special events together, such as artist talks, guided tours, and films. Museums in Tampa also have outdoor spaces ideal for contemplation and relaxation.

The garden in the center of the museum provides the perfect setting for a romantic stroll or for couples to get lost in their thoughts. At the Museum Café, you can enjoy culinary creations made of fresh produce and local ingredients. For a truly unique experience, couples can explore the galleries together and share what they have seen with each other.

  1. Visit Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

This popular theme park allows couples to get away and have fun. With attractions such as roller coasters, animal exhibits, concerts, and live shows, Busch Gardens makes a great outing for couples looking for some thrills.

The park also features a range of dining and shopping venues, making it easy to enjoy a nice meal or find a special souvenir. For couples wanting to add a unique twist to their trip, Busch Gardens also offers a Serengeti Safari, which takes riders into the heart of African wildlife. 

  1. Have a Picnic at Bayshore Boulevard

Located along the waterfront, this 4.5-mile-long promenade features stunning views of the Tampa Bay waters and the nearby downtown skyline. Pack lunch and take a stroll along the path. Stop to enjoy the area’s sights, sounds, and scents.

Whether you’re looking for some quality time to catch up or explore new experiences, you’re sure to find something that will make this romantic outing one to remember. In addition to the area’s natural beauty, there are plenty of benches, pavilions, and bridges throughout the area, providing the perfect setting for a romantic picnic.

  1. Explore the Florida Aquarium

The aquarium is home to thousands of aquatic animals, including manta rays, sea turtles, jellyfish, and other fish and reptiles. Guests can also go on different underwater experiences, such as the Mahi Mahi boat tour to see the stingrays up close.

They can also view the sharks from the second-floor Shark Alley exhibit. The aquarium also offers dive-in movies and interactive experiences such as the Behind the Seas Tour. Couples can enjoy each other’s company while exploring the aquarium offerings for a relaxing and exciting day.

  1. Indulge in a Foodie Experience

One of the most thrilling experiences couples can have is exploring the city’s foodie scene. Some of the best restaurants are in the city’s downtown historic district or excellent Tampa Bay waterfront restaurants.

With a diverse range of restaurants offering world-class cuisines from across the globe, couples can explore endless cultures through food. Attending one of the city’s craft beer breweries and food festivals is one of the most extraordinary things to do in downtown Tampa.

There are many ways for couples to indulge in tempting cuisines and tantalizing flavors. If you’re looking for foodie adventures in Florida, Tampa also offers culinary tours and cooking classes, allowing couples to sample some of the city’s best dishes. 

Try These Amazing Things To Do in Tampa for Couples

Tampa has endless opportunities for couples to enjoy! From vibrant nightlife to world-renowned restaurants and stunning scenic views, Tampa truly has something for everyone.

Get creative and make lasting memories with your partner. With all these things to do in Tampa for couples, you and your loved one will find something that perfectly suits your interests. So take a weekend trip to Tampa and enjoy romantic moments together!

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