What to Do on a Bachelorette Weekend in Chicago

In 2022, Time Out announced that Chicago was the second-best city in the world. Not only does Chicago offer some of the most delicious food options, but you have a range of activities to take part in for a bachelorette weekend. So, you can soak up the atmosphere and visit Chicago for a memorable trip.

Before you take a trip to Chicago, it’s good to brainstorm bachelorette ideas so you can book a venue in advance and plan the events. That way, your top choice won’t be fully booked, and you can sit back and relax.

But first, take a look at these events planning ideas for a Chicago bachelorette. 

Why Is Chicago Good for a Bachelorette Weekend?

Chicago is also known as the Windy City because of its turbulent weather, but this shouldn’t stop you from going on a Chicago vacation or bachelorette weekend. For example, the culture is diverse, which means you can taste food from different parts of the world and embrace unique events. 

Did you know that Chicago has more than 20 beaches? So, you can still enjoy the best water views if you go here for a short trip. 

One of the most popular things to do for a bachelorette is to take a yacht along the Chicago skyline. 

Yacht Trip

Yacht party themes are easy to find when you search for bachelorette ideas online, but Chicago is the ideal spot to go out on the water. Hiring a yacht allows you to decide on the food and drink to take on board. So, if you have guests with dietary requirements, you can offer individual meals and snacks. 

This saves time and prevents you from having to contact companies to organize catering. But all bachelorette parties need good food for them to be successful. Therefore, you should ask the yacht service if it’s possible to bring coolers on board and how much storage is available for drinks. 

Plus, yacht parties are perfect for taking beautiful photographs and watching the sunset. 

Foodie Tour

Deep-dish pizza is only one of the most popular food associated with Chicago, and there’s so much to discover. Bachelorette weekends are great for exploring the food scene, as you have multiple days to go to several places. If the bride is a foodie, this will make the event enjoyable and give you an opportunity to taste some new dishes. 

Most of the time, restaurants give discounts to bachelorette parties and will offer to place some decorations for the day. A foodie tour is ideal if you want to save a little money and have a fun experience. 

The best way to plan a foodie tour is to write a list of the top places and map out the trip in stages. Start with the breakfast cafes, coffee shops, and snack stalls. Then, pick a few restaurants to try for dinner so you can spend more time chatting and taking time to savor the meal.

Art and Culture Weekend

Art is another excellent feature of Chicago, as there’s the Art Institute and the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. Depending on your time commitments, you can visit both or choose one with art pieces that interest you. Besides visual arts, you can also enjoy the music scene with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

After listening to local music or looking at beautiful art, you can take a walking tour of the murals to get to know more about the neighborhoods. It’s important to plan activities that match the season, or you could end up walking around in the cold temperatures during autumn. 

Check the weather forecast in advance and then plan the events so you can make the most of the weather. 

A Checklist for a Bachelorette Weekend

Once you’ve finalized the event, it’s time to get into the details and start planning other aspects of the bachelorette weekend. Typically, the bachelorette party is organized by the maid of honor or family member. So, it’s up to the organizer if they want to involve the bride in the process or not. 

Some people prefer to keep the bride out of the planning so they can surprise her with a big event.

You need to select a date that works for everyone, which means you’ll have to find the guest’s contact details from the bride. 

Date and Travel Arrangements

Dates can be tricky when planning a weekend of events, as many people have personal commitments that can interfere with the party. That’s why it’s crucial that you get in contact with guests as soon as you know who is invited to the bachelorette. Ideally, you can ask the bride a few months before and ensure you have the phone numbers written down online or in a notebook. 

Travel arrangements will also need to be planned so that guests have somewhere to stay when they arrive in Chicago. Hotels can provide bachelorette packages, so doing your research before you put down a deposit is worthwhile. 

It’s also good to ask hotels or other accommodation services about decorating so you don’t run into problems with balloons and banners being left after the weekend.

The theme should match the events, which means if you go with a yacht party, you can make it nautical-themed and decorate everything with ocean motifs. Alternatively, you can decorate with sea creatures or movie characters. As long as the bride likes the theme and you book in advance, the weekend will be a hit

Sail Away for a Bachelorette Weekend

Finding the right resources for a bachelorette weekend is tricky if you need to plan finances and accommodation. Articles are great for giving your suggestions about where to find reliable event planning and how to organize several guests at one event. Our platform offers you more resources for lifestyle topics like bachelorette parties. 

Take the time to read over our blog posts and research the right ideas for planning the bachelorette weekend. If you like the content, get in touch and contact the team to learn more.  

Have a great bachelorette weekend!

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