What Do You Need to Go Bear Hunting?

If you’re interested in getting some much-needed exercise while enjoying the great outdoors and practicing your hunting skills, bear hunting may be the activity for you. Be careful though, it’s not for the faint of heart. 

In addition to an enriching experience, bear hunting provides you with the opportunity to hunt for your own food. However, before you head out with no preparation, make sure you have what it takes to brave it in the wild. 


One of the most important things you need for bear hunting is camouflage clothing, which will help you to stay hidden from the bears and increase your chances of getting close enough for a shot.

Fortunately, plenty of options are available on the market, so you can select a setup that suits your hunting environment. So, make sure you invest in a high-quality bear hunting jacket, warm, movable pants, and durable footwear before taking on an intensive hunt. 


Another essential piece of gear for bear hunting is a solid pair of binoculars, allowing you to spot bears from a distance and help determine whether they are worth pursuing. 

Binoculars with image stabilization are handy, as they help you keep a steady view even when moving. Use a binocular harness to keep your binoculars from bouncing around while walking (even if you’re using traveling shoes).


A bear call can be a very effective tool for attracting bears. Fortunately, hunters have no shortage of options, with everything from electronic calls to more traditional hand options.

Regardless of which call you land on, practice using it before heading out into the woods. You can find videos on YouTube that can help you to learn how to use a bear call effectively.


Another way to attract bears is to use decoys. Various decoys are available, including those that look like other animals, such as deer. You can also find bear decoys designed to look like real bears. 

Ultimately, decoys can be very effective in getting a bear to come into range, so they are worth considering. 


Bears have a keen sense of smell, so using scents can be a great way to attract them. Whether you opt for animal scents, food scraps, or bird seed, utilizing a trail is an excellent way to bag big game.

However, if you decide to use scents, use them sparingly, as bears can quickly become accustomed to the smell. Additionally, be sure to use clean socks, so the bears don’t get accustomed to those.


Finally, another option for attracting bears is to use a lure. Lures come in multiple formulas, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Just make sure you read the instructions carefully before using a draw, as some of them can be pretty potent.


As you plan your next bear hunting trip, consider the tips above to aid in a successful expedition. By preparing adequately and investing in the proper gear, you will increase your chances of a more enjoyable experience. 

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