Top 5 Reasons Why Travel Insurance is Your Best Companion on Vacation

After months of building up stress, going on a vacation is one of the most anticipated times of the year. Whether it is going somewhere you haven’t ever been before or somewhere you go on every vacation, travel insurance is your best companion. 

Let’s get into the top 5 reasons everyone should insure their dream vacation. 

What is travel insurance?

Travel Insurance is a risk management tool that can be utilised to financially and medically protect yourself and your family’s well-being from unexpected risks. These risks arise from unforeseen circumstances which can lead to financial loss due to medical or other expenses

There are several types of travel insurance that a traveller can opt for when travelling. Whenever going on an international trip, it is highly recommended to opt for international travel insurance to ensure your family’s well-being and peace of mind from any risks you might encounter. 

Top 5 reasons why you need travel insurance

One can avail of several benefits of travel insurance when opting for one during their vacation. While there are dozens of coverages offered by different insurers, opting for plans with these specific coverages can protect you from the most common risks you might encounter while travelling.

  • Delay/Loss of baggage

Delay or a loss of checked-in baggage is one of the most common occurrences when travelling overseas. It is vital to get this coverage when travelling. 

  • Trip delay, interruption, cancellation

Delay, interruption or cancellation of your trip can result in significant loss, which is why it is necessary to get these coverages when purchasing travel insurance online

  • In-patient and out-patient medical services

Another common occurrence when travelling abroad is eating something that does not sit well with you and becoming sick, or sometimes an old condition aggravating or a change in weather can also bring about a need to avail medical services. 

  • Personal accident

Getting into an accident while travelling is also something to look out for and requires protection from when travelling with your family.

  • Missing connecting flights

When travelling, the original flight is often delayed, and you might miss the connecting flight. While there might be some compensation or a change to a different flight, there might be situations where those are not offered and result in losses, which is why it is vital to also get this coverage in the plan you choose.  

These are some of the coverages that you should consider getting for your vacation. Other than these, depending on the country you are travelling to, you might offer travel advisories with certain special requirements such as sum insured and coverages.

How to get travel insurance online?

you wish to purchase travel insurance online, here are the steps you can follow. 

  1. Choose an insurance provider whom you can rely on for the insurance. For my needs, Niva Bupa offers the best travel insurance and go with them for my travelling needs. 
  2. Visit the website of your preferred insurance provider and fill in the details. For Niva Bupa, you must fill in the appropriate details for where you are travelling to, the travel duration, whether you are going on a single trip or a student, mention your mobile number, and click on ‘view plans’.
  3. You will then be taken to another page, where you will find several curated plans based on where you are travelling to. You should be able to pick any of these plans and get the coverage mentioned there. 
  4. You can then request a callback or go right ahead and purchase the policy after filling in the necessary details and uploading the relevant documents. 

Wrapping up

To conclude, wherever you go, protect your and your loved ones’ well-being while safeguarding your investment by opting for these covers when purchasing travel insurance. These are the top five reasons to buy travel insurance and the covers to protect yourself from these risks and act as the best companion for your much-anticipated vacation.

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