Top 5 Most Profitable Betting Sports in India

Sports with The Highest Betting Profits in India

India has been one of the most lucrative betting markets mainly due to its huge population. With India taking over as the most populous nation in the world, the country is a hot and happening place for betting now. It is common to place bets on various sports popular in the country like cricket, football, and tennis.

The revenue from online sports betting in 2023 is predicted to be USD 1.70 billion. Paytm is the most popular payment method used in India, along with PhonePe and Google Pay.This is why sports betting fans prefer using the best Paytm betting sites in India. Let us look into the leading sports that offer the highest betting profits in India in 2023.


Cricket remains the most watched sport in India and hence betting on cricket is prevalent. The T20 World Cup and the Indian Premium League are a few of the popular tournaments that Indian betting enthusiasts focus on. Betting includes pre-match wagers as well as live betting. Special betting promotions for the sport attract more users.

Horse Racing

As an evergreen favorite, Indian sports bettors favor bettingon horse racing events. You can wager on five classic races. They include the following

1. Indian 1,000 Guineas
2. Indian 2,000 Guineas
3. Indian Oak
4. Indian Derby
5. The Indian St. Leger

Besides the above five classic races, sports betters also focus on global sports events like the Kentucky Derby and Cheltenham Gold Cup.


While not as popular as cricket, football manages to attract a huge number of bettors. The Premier League, Champions League, The Europa League, and the World Cup are favorite competitions that attract bettors.  Wagers are also placed on local football matches that are available online.


Kabaddi has been a popular sport in India for many centuries. But betting on the sport is not as prevalent as found in cricket or football. The Asian Games, the World Cup, and the Pro Kabaddi League are the chief events that are popular among sports betting fans.


With tennis tournaments played throughout the year in India and abroad, betting is popular. The Australian Open, The US Open, Wimbledon, and the French Open are the main tournaments that punters prefer to bet on. Wagers are also placed in competitions like the Davis Cup.

Conclusion: Making high profits in sports betting

To ensure you get the maximum returns from sports betting, you need to focus on the following factors:

Conduct thorough research on the teams, players, their current form, and related stats. The research will help in making sound decisions.

A disciplined approach along with fixing a specific budget and adhering to it is key to wisely managing your bankroll.

Keep updated on the latest sports news like changes in team members, injuries, suspensions, and more. These are important as they influence the match outcome.

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