The growth of mobile gaming

Mobile gaming has come a long way over the last few decades, with mobile gaming making up 50% of global gaming revenue in 2022. In comparison, console games made up just 28% of revenue and PC games made up 21%. This is surprising considering some of the exciting titles that have been released for console and PC recently, but also marks a huge milestone for the mobile gaming world.

Those of us that are old enough to remember Snake on the Nokia phones will understand that mobile gaming took a long time to become as sophisticated as today’s games. In fact, today’s mobile games incorporate a fantastic variety of technology, from AI that helps personalise games and create open endings, to smart phone technology that enables the games to play so smoothly and with such impressive graphics.

What’s more, today’s mobile gaming market is dominated by some of the best and most reliable brands, including MegawaysSlots. Such sites provide state of the art gaming technology, increased online safety, and not to mention, a huge variety of games on offer.

Below, we’ll take a further look at the growth of mobile gaming in recent years and uncover what is making the mobile gaming industry so successful.

The freedoms of mobile gaming

If you’re used to playing games on a console or a PC device,you’ll most likely understand the frustration of not being able to play games while n vacation, waiting all day to get home to play a new release, or being confined to your gaming room all day if you want to be able to play your favourite game.

Mobile gaming makes accessing your favourite games more realistic in the 21st Century world. With the pace of life being so fast paced now, it can be difficult to find time to settle down to play our games without interruptions and players’ guilt kicking in too.

However, mobile gaming offers the best of both worlds as the games on mobile can be just as immersive, only they can be accessed from anytime and anywhere. Let’s say you’re delayed on the train on the commute to or from work. It;s no problem as you can simply grab your phone and play your favourite games as long as there is a wifi connection.

Who is playing mobile games

The mobile gaming audience today is incredibly varied, with many groups of people across the world now having access to mobile games.  As seen traditionally, there are slightly more males playing mobile games than females, with 53.6% being male and 46.4% being female players. However, the industry has made huge efforts in recent years to create gaming content that appeals to both genders equally.

Statistics also show that the majority of mobile gamers are in the younger age categories, with the most playing audiences being people around 25-34 years old – 29.5%, youngsters of 16-24 years old – 28.3%, and 35-44 years old – 23.1% of the entire mobile gaming audience.

In terms of which nationalities access mobile games the most, Chinese people make up 32.8% of the global mobile gaming population. Some of the least engaged countries with mobile gaming include Canada and Australia, which could be due to the remoteness in many areas of these countries, in addition to strict gaming laws which limit activity.

Improved gaming quality

As smartphones have gotten more sophisticated, the graphics and sound of games have also significantly improved. This has allowed online gaming providers to get more creative, incorporating all kinds of new technologies into games.

In the online casino world, there are now live casino options where players can interact with a real life dealer who is live streamed from a physical location, offering more player security and interaction.

There’s also mobile games with exciting tv show and movie themes that offer players a nostalgic experience. In addition, VR and AR games are on the rise too.

The social community

Playing games online can be an isolating experience, however many mobile games now offer multiplayer modes, meaning people can connect with others and even compete with friends.  There are exciting leader boards that are updated frequently and present gamers with a challenge, in addition to online chat rooms that provide a sense of community for like mindedgamers.

Overall, the mobile gaming industry has come on leaps and bounds in recent years. The rate of growth has excelled over the last few years specifically and shows no sign of slowing down. So whether you are a part of the industry growth or are enjoying the innovative games on offer, mobile gaming is a great place to be right now.

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