The Best IVF Center in Gurgaon with Very High Pregnancy Success Rates

Most couples dream of becoming a parent and having their kids, but not everyone is lucky enough to have them through nature’s course. Almost 1 in every 8 couples suffers from infertility problems in India. But with the help of the best IVF center in Gurgaon, they can fulfill their dreams into reality with ease. IVF is an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) offering affordable, efficient, and safe care with great possibilities of having healthy babies. 

In today’s world, more people are opting for the best IVF center in Gurgaon due to its high success rate and affordable charges. In the IVF procedure, doctors take out the eggs from the female and sperm from the male partner. It is then fertilized in a petri dish in a laboratory. 

Why should you Select IVF Treatment?

IVF Treatment assists patients with fertility issues in having their children. There are specific conditions due to which the couple might have to go through IVF treatment in the best IVF center in Gurgaon. Some of those situations include:

  • When there is a damaged fallopian tube, the ovum cannot fertilize the eggs by itself. It creates difficulties in carrying the embryo to the uterus. 
  • Ovulation disorders resulting in the unavailability of any eggs
  • When they reach their forties or thirties and suffer from a problem called uterine fibroid
  • Endometriosis results in tissues growing outside the uterus 
  • Decrease in the sperm count or poor quality sperms

Why to Pick the Best IVF Center in Gurgaon?

The top-rated IVF center like Birla Fertility & IVF assists in selecting the best doctor for you and guiding you thoroughly throughout the entire process. They will deliver the best suitable solution by comprehending what is your problem and demands. The clinic’s primary aim is to fulfill the dream of the clients of having their biological child.

Credibility and Transparency

The best IVF center in Gurgaon always keeps patient-centricity a priority. The fertility clinic becomes invested in this entire procedure and brings out the best results for the couples. The doctors understand and are empathetic towards the patient’s requirements. The patient receives customized treatment, compassionate care, support assurance, and financial assistance from the center. 

They know that a one-size-fits-all approach will never lead to a successful IVF cycle. Every couple is different, and so are their problems and IVF journeys. The team of experts understands this and provides an accessible, comprehensive, supportive, transparent, affordable, and credible treatment. Advanced equipment, the latest techniques, modern technologies, years of expertise and experience of the doctors, and reliability make the IVF clinic a leading one among many. 


What is the pregnancy success rate of the best IVF center in Gurgaon?

Women who are under 35 years of age have the most successful pregnancy rates. However, women with an age range of 35 to 37 also have a 40.5% success rate. Women between the age range of 38 and 40 have a success rate of 26.4% and those over 40 years have the lowest success rate of 8%.

What is an IVF cycle’s cost? 

The average cost of a single IVF cycle in the most reputed center ranges from INR 1.5 to 2 lakhs. This package includes stimulation, embryo creation, medical tests, egg retrieval, and embryo implantation. In some circumstances, the first IVF cycle might not be successful and the couple has to go through another one. In this case, they have to add some more amounts to the previous package and continue the cycle. It is also applicable for embryo preservation in the future. 

Final words

Selecting the best IVF center in Gurgaon, like Birla Fertility & IVFis also among the most vital decisions you have to make for a successful procedure. Each woman who has a desire to become a biological mother deserves a chance. Thus, always pick an IVF clinic that will provide honest and precise information about the different treatment alternatives with a high chance of success. 

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