The Benefits of an Independent Agent for Your Car Insurance

When it comes time to purchase New York car insurance in the modern day and age, you can either start googling and find a company online or go through an agent for a more personalised option. But if you’re on the fence between these choices, this article will explain why an agent is a great choice. 


What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An independent agent is one that works with many insurance companies to offer a wide range of products to meet consumers’ personalised needs. They can either be paid from your premium or paid by you directly. 


One prime example of a local New York agency that is trusted to offer a wide range of home and car insurance to its clients, is NY Insurance Hub, the one-stop shop for your local insurance needs.


The Advantages of an Insurance Agent Just For You

Here are the reasons why an independent insurance agent is the best choice for you.


Multiple Quotes from Many Companies

One of the best parts about working with an independent insurance company is that they purchase insurance quotes for you. Since an independent insurance agent uses several companies, they can check prices from several companies at the same time. 

You only need to enter your details once, which saves time. Independent agents want to give you the best insurance, so you choose them to save more money than shopping alone or working with a captive agent.


Personalized Service

While captive agents may also offer personal customer service, independent insurers work hard to keep your business, so you don’t go to another agency. This means answering questions about pricing, coverage and claims, or filing claims for you in a timely manner. If there is a problem with your insurance policy or claim, you can rely on your independent insurance agent to help you resolve your issue. 

They are Licensed Experts

Independent agents can explain the intricacies of insurance in simple terms and help you make wise decisions. They build a career by matching with the best insurance company. You can search the Internet for the way to write your will, but you may also want to consult an attorney to make sure the document is drafted correctly. Why not seek the advice of a licensed insurance professional to ensure your home, car, or business is properly insured?


Agents Stay Even If You Change Providers

Agents are notified when policy renewals are required. An independent agent can help you find out about insurance price increases, find better rates, and help you decide whether to stay with the same company or switch.


Remember, even if you change insurance carriers, you can remain with the same insurance agency. This allows you to build relationships with independent insurance agents regardless of which company you choose for your insurance policy.


Your Best Interests at Heart

In addition to providing personalized customer service, independent agents are not bound by the same rules and restrictions as captive agents, so they use their knowledge of the company and policies so they can guide you in the direction. Most independent insurance agents operate on a commission basis only. This means that they will receive a percentage of your insurance premium. Keeping clients happy is a broker’s number one concern.


They Work with Companies of All Sizes

Independent insurance agencies often partner with small and medium insurers, but they also partner with larger companies in the local area. Independent brokers can provide insurance quotes from companies you are unfamiliar with that meet your needs and provide adequate coverage for your family and saves you the effort of doing background checks yourself.


A Good Agent is a Local

Your agent is your next-door neighbor, this means they share your interest in the community you live in and understand the benefits and challenges of living where you live. A good agent will be deeply involved in their communities, sponsoring youth sports teams, shopping at local businesses, supporting school organizations, and speaking at monthly Chamber of Commerce meetings. They are right around the corner and always ready to help.


They Can Be With You For a Lifetime

Independent agents check your coverage on a regular basis. This means if you want to rent an apartment, buy a house, start a business, get married, renovate a home, or even if you’re adding a teen driver to your car insurance or considering a renovation, they can help you make every change in your life. 

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