How To Play For Free At India’s Online Casinos

Playing casino games for free may sound like fool’s gold. However, while there are things to look out for and bear in mind, free games can indeed offer favourable opportunities. Apart from honing your skills free of charge, you get to scope out different casinos and try out new titles without risking a… rupee! Most online casinos also allow you to play for free without needing to download the game or register with their site. What is more, free online games often offer the exact same experience as those that require a deposit.
Too good to be true? Well, it’s good to know that free games benefit casino sites too. With thousands of casinos competing for players’ time and attention, such free options help casinos to stand out and attract more players to their site.

Types of Free Games

Once you set out to try a particular casino’s free games, you might get overwhelmed by the extensive portfolio of games on offer. Don’t sweat; this is the advantage of free games – there are no strings attached. To make your life easier, we’ve listed the different types of free games that are offered by India’s online casinos.

No Deposit Free Spins

Slot machines are often the main attraction for most players at casinos, which might explain why no deposit free spins are the most powerful form of promotion that casinos invest in. No deposit free spins come in different forms:
• They are often offered as part of a welcome offer
• They can also be offered as a stand-alone bonus
• They can be won from tournaments or draws
• A free spin can consist of ten all the way up to hundreds of spins
• Free spins are often tied to one specific slot

No Deposit Free Cash

The free cash promotion is a more flexible variety of no deposit bonus codes, although it is not offered as often. The advantage of getting a no deposit free cash is that it can be used on the vast majority of games in a casino. This makes it ideal for those who are not after a specific game but are instead looking to try out different games.

Free Play Promotion

This is another type of game which you can play without wagering any money, as the name implies. It is highly similar to free cash, but distinct from the zero stakes or zero winnings demo mode that many games offer.
Free play typically involves a larger sum of money, but comes with higher time restrictions, typically around an hour. Once the hour is over, the player can keep the money, but the original sum vanishes.

Free Tournament Entry

This is a more recent no deposit coupon which can be used on traditional tournaments such as blackjack or poker. Through this coupon you can also get a free entry to a slots tournament involving one specific game and an associated leaderboard.

Practice makes Perfect

Free games are usually for those who are testing the waters. In fact, they are ideal for beginners who are still navigating their way around complex games, trying to get a hold of different strategies to use and becoming aware of any deficiencies in their gameplay.
Eventually, you will start learning the tricks of the trade, experiment with new games and build your way up before you know it. Once you get the hang of your favourite game and level up to a depositing customer, you definitely need to check out Spin Casino’s ₹1000 Match Bonus. Match bonuses are great, because as attractive as free no deposit bonuses can be, the amount you can receive from match bonuses is often bigger than the one you will receive from no deposit bonuses.

Read First, Play After

We don’t want to be a wet blanket, but helping you play your cards right is one of our goals here.

Knowledge is Power: don’t skip the fine print

Make sure you read the terms and conditions well to equip yourself with the right knowledge before you get reeled in by a casino’s free no desposit game.

Know Yourself: which game suits you best?

While free games are attractive, they do have a couple of drawbacks which might not sit well with your preferences as a player. For instance, free games cannot be saved to play later; they can be slow to load if you do not have a strong connection; and, if a game is not downloadable and you’re not on WiFi, it may take up a lot of your mobile data.

Time is Money: learn the rules of the game well

You can’t skip learning the rules of the game well and getting to know how rewards work in that particular casino. You definitely don’t want to be wasting time looking for such details during the game when you’d rather be focussing on your next move.

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