How to Get Duplicate Copy Of Property Documents Online

Property documents are the evidence of your property that enables you to verify your rights over it. In case you lose the official registration files or if they get broken, acquiring a copybecomes vital. Here is a step-by-step guide to acquiring a duplicate copy of property registration files.

File a First Information Report (FIR)

The first aspect a homebuyer needs to understand about how to get duplicate copy of property documents online is to fill out an FIR at the regional police station. One can also document an online FIR for misplaced property files by visiting the official website of the country or town police under whose jurisdiction the property lies.

The FIR should mention the name of the property owner, information on the misplaced files, and the way they were lost. After an FIR is filled by the asset’s owner, the police will try to find the misplaced documents. One can check information aboutan FIR, inclusive of its status, by visiting the official police authorities’s website.

Prepare an Affidavit

Visit a notary public and have them draft an affidavit stating the loss of your documents. Include info like your name, address, property description, and info on misplaced documents. Get the affidavit notarised for status.

Gather Supporting Documents

The documents you need to get a copy of your documents of the property include an official Sale Deed copy (if available) or a duplicate of the preceding property tax receipt, a Photocopy of your government-issued ID proof (eg., Aadhaar card, PAN card, and many others.).

Visit the Sub-registrars Office

Visit the Sub-registrar’s office where the official assets were registered. Carry all the important documents. Inquire about the specific software form for obtaining a copy of property documents. Fill out the form accurately, offering details like your name, assets cope with, report type lost, and cause for applying for a duplicate. Submit the finished application formalong with all documents.

Pay the Required Fees

You should know about fees associated with acquiring a copy of the file. Typically, these fees vary depending on the type of document and the country where you live. If to be had, pay the desired costs at the distinctive counter or through online price options.

Verification and Processing

The Sub-registrar’s workplace will verify your documents and alertness details. This technique would possibly take a few days or perhaps weeks, depending on the workload.

Collect Your Duplicate Copy

Once the verification is complete, you’ll be notified to gather the duplicate copy of your property. Double-check the file for accuracy upon receiving it.


From filling FIR to gathering important documents, paying feesand verifying, every step is important to follow online to get your property documents.

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