Exploring the Benefits of Medically-Assisted Fentanyl Addiction Treatment

Did you know that Fentanyl was responsible for 200 deaths every day in 2022? This potent synthetic opioid is prescribed for managing severe pain. However, its misuse can result in addiction and even death.

Fortunately, there are effective treatment options available for those struggling with fentanyl addiction. One such option is medically-assisted treatment (MAT). This combines medication with behavioral therapy for a comprehensive approach to recovery.

In this article, we will explore the benefits of medically-assisted fentanyl addiction treatment. We’ll also look at how it can help individuals live healthier lives. Read on to learn more.

Reduced Risk of Overdose and Death

With MAT, patients receive monitored doses of medication. This can include the use of methadone or buprenorphine.

These medications help reduce cravings and withdrawal symptoms. They also decrease the likelihood of relapse and accidental overdose.

This is because the use of MAT stabilizes brain chemistry. It reduces the risk of respiratory depression. This is a common cause of death in opioid overdoses.

Improved Physical and Mental Health

Fentanyl addiction can take a toll on both the body and mind. Long-term use can lead to physical and mental health problems.
This can include:

  • Liver damage
  • Heart problems
  • Respiratory issues
  • Repression and anxiety

Through MAT, patients receive comprehensive treatment that addresses both physical and mental health. This can include regular check-ups, medication management, and therapy sessions.

It also provides a structured routine for individuals in recovery. All these factors contribute to improved health and well-being.

Addressing the Underlying Causes of Addiction

Addiction is often fueled by underlying issues. This can be trauma, mental health disorders, and chronic pain. Without addressing these root causes, recovery from fentanyl addiction can be challenging.

MAT also delves into the underlying causes of addiction. This allows individuals to work through their issues. It also helps them develop healthier coping mechanisms for long-term recovery.

Support and Accountability

MAT is provided in a clinical setting. With this, patients have access to support from medical professionals. This can include regular check-ins, therapy sessions, and support groups.

Having this level of medical support can make all the difference for individuals in recovery. It helps them stay on track with their treatment plan. It also provides a safe space to discuss any challenges or setbacks they may be facing.

To help you get this treatment, check out the residential addiction treatment center located here. They can provide you with the support and resources you need to overcome your addiction.

Personalized Treatment Plans

Not all individuals struggling with addiction respond to treatment in the same way. MAT takes this into account by providing personalized treatment plans for each patient.

This means that MAT is tailored to fit the unique needs and circumstances of each individual. This individualized approach increases the likelihood of successful recovery.

Overcoming Fentanyl Addiction Treatment With MAT

Medically-assisted fentanyl addiction treatment offers many benefits. It addresses the physical, mental, and underlying causes of addiction.

If you or a loved one is struggling with fentanyl addiction, consider seeking MAT as part of your treatment plan. With the resources provided through this method, you can overcome your addiction.

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