Everything You Need To Know About The Abstract Paintings Online

Abstract art is among the most popular art forms since the late 19th century. Today, this is amongst the most artistic and realistic art pieces. If you want to specialise in it too, you first need to learn what this art is and why abstract paintings online are ruling the art world.

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Abstract art is not a child’s play and quick to understand. These paintings do not have a direction and appear with multi-faceted genres. As people say, the picture appears to be the same even when it is upside down. It has lack of objective representation, but it has depth. This depth can only be observed from artistic ends. These masterpieces can be in any form like pictures, paintings, sculptures, designs, or any other exquisite art forms. It is away from the visual reality.

Abstract art is a pivotal part of modern and contemporary art forms. This evolving genre was explored by famous artists like Wassily Kandinsky, Mark Rotthko, Zao Wou Ki, Piet Mondrian, etc. There are many such abstract oriented artists that you can find under the abstract paintings online at Artoreal.

What Inspiration Do The Abstract Paintings Online Promote?

Many portraits, paintings, and sculptures speak straight-forwardly about the meaning and the reasons behind the work. But abstract paintings have a completely different approach. The abstract paintings online are available in non-objectified objects like figures, shapes, lines, and colors. An artist creating abstract forms does not restrict himself to canvas and physical forms. Instead, form, purity, and spiritualism are the real inspiration behind abstract paintings.

Characteristics Of Abstract Art

These are the key pointers followed in most of the abstract art paintings

These are thoroughly based on inspiration and are non-representational. Still “non-representational” terms can be partial, slight, and complete.

These paintings can be very stylish, dreamy, surreal, and simply away from the materialistic world.

The genre has no ends.

What Has Made Abstract Paintings Online So Popular?

Abstract art was first introduced in 618 – 907 era under the Tang Dynasty. But it came into light in the late 19th century when the artists began to diversify from classical and traditional painting forms and indulged in the depth of art after the WWI. It emphasized that art could be more than figures with this innovative art form. Cubism and Fauvism was among the first abstract art developments.

After the 20th century, artists stopped depending on objects, and instead relied more on their own thoughts and imaginations. For this, Wassily Kandinsky is called the pioneer of bringing reality into abstract picture form. Being a music lover, he also used his musical notes to play a vital role in the abstract paintings. His amusing collection of abstract art still depict the manifestation of its master pieces.

Types Of Abstract Paintings Online Given By Several Artists


Expressionism was the first ever abstract formation that came into light in the 20th century. Marc Chagall, Paul Klee, and Wassily Kandinsky were among the pioneering artists who expressed expressionistic abstract arts. The key characteristics of this art were intense color usage, non-naturalistic brushwork, gestural markings, etc. The usage of mystical landscapes is one of the deepest forms tried by the artists. Every painting says the depth behind it in unrealistic forms.

Cubism and fauvism

After the 20th century, fauvism and cubism certainly turned tables round with the abstract art forms. These depicted the distorted and fragmented side of the world in an unrealistic manner. Cubism is the usage of geometrical shapes and intense colors for showing the distorted side on a two-dimensional plinth. Picasso was among the well-known abstract artist of this time.

Fauvism at another end is the usage of non-natural colors and complicated shapes, along with powerful brush work. The color theory of this art is taken from the 19th century, that depicts the usage of vibrant colors for portraying the abstract form.


Neoplasticism, also called De Stijl is a Dutch abstract art form that evolved after the WWI. This abstract art was brought into light by Mondrian who could bring realistic impression into art in the most beautiful form. Neoplasticism gave a strong philosophical impression and religious ideas of theosophy. This art style also highlighted the political and social anxieties of the people that was caused in the WWI.

Abstract Expressionism

Finding abstract paintings online can be easy, but knowing the depth behind them is not. The abstract expressionism also believed in the same. This art from elaborated after the WWII and gave a totally new and different idea of the paintings. The idea of the painting is thick, strong, and gestural brush strokes, where every line plays an expression.

Abstract expression painters are divided into action painters and color field painters. Action paintings are more about spontaneity and improvisation with the brush strokes. Famous abstract expressionists were Jackson Pollock and Joan Mitchell, who did not really believe in easel. Instead, they would lay the canvas on the floor to bring out the best action out of the abstract.

The idea behind color field painting is the usage of singular or monochromatic color forms to create geometrical patterns on the surface. Mark Rothko and Clyfford Still are the renowned artists behind this designer form. Artists like Rothko also believed in bringing out the spirituality of the painting with colors, patterns, and depth. The focus was always on the surface texture, aesthetic, and abstract elements on the painting.

Abstract prints have become extremely popular in this era because of the psychology, spirituality, and a sense of freedom behind the creation of the painting. If you want to know, unsolve, and explore the depth of abstract paintings, then you must get one in your home today. Visit Artoreal to experience the mystical Abstracts online, curated by top-notch artists. This online platform brings forth the magical elements of abstracts in every form, from paintings to portraits. Make your home, workplace, party place, and meditation zone all the more centered towards emotions with the abstract paintings available online right at the one-stop shop.

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