Escape the Sun: Fun Indoor Activities in Florida You Will Enjoy

Summer temperatures in Florida can reach higher than 95 degrees Fahrenheit, making some days simply too dangerous to be outdoors. Aside from the sweltering heat, constant summer storms make it difficult to plan days outdoors. What are some indoor activities in Florida that you can do to escape both the rain and the heat?

If you’re curious about what indoor fun Florida has to offer, we’re here to help. Read on for a selection of inside activities you can enjoy across the span of Florida.

Art and Science

Florida is a rich bed of art and science, from the Space Coast to historical districts. Here are our two favorite picks for your rainy day activities.

Hemingway Home

If you fancy driving down to the Keys, make a stop in Key West to visit the Hemingway House. The Hemingway House was the residence of famed American writer Ernest Hemingway. Known for novels such as The Old Man and the Sea and The Sun Also Rises, Hemingway is one of the most well-known Floridian artists.

His lifetime home was made into a museum and attraction following his passing. Visitors can escape the heat with a tour of the home, as well as visit a shop that sells mementos related to his life.

Some tourists are surprised to learn that the most popular attraction at the literary titan’s home is the cats. Hemingway was famously given a white six-toed cat by a ship’s captain. The cat, named Snow White, came to live with him in Key West.

Over the years, Snow White had many kittens which carried on the polydactyl “mutation.” Due to this lineage, many of the cared-for cats around the Hemingway House have six toes. They’re also friendly and used to dealing with people wanting to pet them or take pictures.

NASA Space Center

On the east coast of Florida, aptly nicknamed the Space Coast, is the NASA Space Center. Many of the aeronautical missions in the United States are launched from this facility.

While you can’t tour mission control or the launch pad, there are several experiences for visitors. You can spend your day indoors touring the museum or seeing the sights around the area.

Space enthusiasts and science lovers can’t visit Florida without seeing this landmark. You can also find some exclusive merchandise in the gift shops.

Food and Beverage

Would you rather escape the heat with food and beverage? Florida has a practically unlimited number of food options.

Food in Florida varies heavily depending on where you are. The multicultural state offers cuisines that reflect the culture of where you are. South Florida is known for Hispanic and Caribbean food, while North Florida is paradoxically known as the more “Southern” section in terms of cuisine.

For seafood, we recommend sticking to the coasts. The many piers of the east and west coasts offer some of the freshest seafood you can enjoy. The Keys on the southern coast also offer excellent cuisine.

St. Augustine Distillery

If you find yourself on the northeast coast, we recommend the St. Augustine Distillery. St. Augustine is one of Florida’s historical landmarks, founded by the Spanish in 1565.

Visitors can tour the fort and the historical district for a bit of culture. If the weather doesn’t make this appealing, the distillery offers unique food and local drinks that you won’t find outside of the city.

State-Wide Breweries

Interested in a brewery but can’t make it to the distillery? Florida has a plethora of craft options across the state.

Which distillery you visit will depend on what portion of the state you’re visiting. If you’re in central Florida, we recommend Winter Garden’s Crooked Can. The brewery is attached to a historical district and a farmer’s market that provides more than just beer.

Research the area you’ve visited and see what’s around. Few places in Florida don’t have a local brewery, so take a look and see what calls out to you.

Indoor Sports

Have you already exhausted the Floridian culture and food options? Once everything’s said and done, your idea of indoor fun may rest in the many sports options. Here are some of the more adrenaline-pumping indoor attractions Florida offers.

Escape Rooms

In the last decade, escape rooms have blossomed in popularity.

Escape rooms are puzzle-based rooms in which a group of participants are locked inside. A timer starts, tasking players with solving the puzzles to escape before the time runs out. There are many different themes, difficulties, and puzzles to experience.

For the central Florida and Orlando areas, we recommend Escapology. Their location on International Drive places them in the center of Orlando’s countless entertainment options. You can read more at

Kart Racing

Want something higher octane than puzzles? Florida has several options for go-kart racing.

Most go-kart courses are outdoors and found in the many theme parks around Florida. However, to escape the Florida heat, there are several options indoors.

We recommend Andretti’s, also located on International Drive a bit farther down the road. It’s a great way to spark competition among your friends once you’ve beaten an escape room together.


Near Andretti’s and just down the road from Escapeology is a semi-outdoor option. Golfers will enjoy dinner and drinks at Top Golf beneath an awning.

The awning is great at escaping the heat, as are the many fans and cold beverages. You’re also safe from rain in this area while you practice your swing.

Not a fan of golf? Top Golf has several entertainment options fully indoors. Billiards, table shuffleboard, and an arcade will keep you in the air conditioning.

Enjoying Indoor Activities in Florida

The Sunshine State is known for its great outdoors, but the natives have created plenty of indoor activities to escape the weather. If you’re looking for indoor activities in Florida, you should look into what region of Florida you’re in. All regions have a rich history, unique culinary options, and entertaining choices.

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