Discover endless possibilities with Megaways Slots

The themes available within the world of online Slots are full of everything you could ever want within a game. With more obvious themes, like animals or fruits on offer, there are also some themes that you may have never heard of.

One that may be new to you, is the selection of Megawaysslot games that are available for you to play. Megaways Slots might even incorporate some of these well-known themes into its own games…

Find out what they are, and you might even want to add them to your own online gaming collection!

What are they?

First, it would be important to understand the qualities of these type of games, and how they may differ from your typical slot.

Megaways games are unique, as they are controlled by a special mechanic. This comes in the form of a random reel modifier, that changes the number of symbols that you’ll see on each reel. Therefore, there are more possibilities for extra symbols, and ways to create matching combinations.

Not only this, but these games can change the number of paylines from each spin, in comparison to classic slot games that usually have a fixed number of paylines. Generally, a Megaways slot will have six reels, but as the symbols on each reel change randomly with every spin (usually up to seven symbols per reel), there are more ways to succeed on each turn.

Also, on a traditional slot, you match symbols along the Slots paylines. However, on a Megaways slot, you can land matching symbols on adjacent reels, from as few as three reels.

Megaways games may come in the form of your already favourite online slot, but just with more chances within gameplay. With high possibilities to succeed in a Megawaysgame, it would be a great time to test this out, with an amazing example to start your journey through these Slots offright…

Great Rhino Megaways

With a variety of rhino games available, this Megaways one will kick off your exploration. You’ll be involved in a virtual safari from the comfort of the home, seeing how the animals live.

These animals come in the form of symbols, including cheetahs and flamingos. Pay extra attention to the cheetah, which is the symbol with the highest payout. Over the span of six reels, who knows what animal you will find?

Being a Megaways game, there are over 200,000 chances to succeed on the reels and gain some great prizes. There’s a chance to win up to 20,000x your initial stake, which could result from just 0.20 coins on a single spin.

To play this, just click ‘spin’ and the reel will activate to randomise a set of symbols for you. Match three or more symbols to be in with the chance of a successful safari trip – the payouts can differ depending on which symbols are on the payline.

If your time on the safari hasn’t been enough, you may be able to unlock free spins when a scatter symbol appears. Spin away, and see where this journey takes you.

With Megaways games being a great way to branch out into the online slot world, will you try this game, or will another catch your eye?

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