Android vs iPhone: Which Is Better?

If you live in the world today, there’s a very good chance that you own a smartphone. It’s one of the fastest-growing technological advancements of all time and permeates just about every aspect of our culture and way of life.

The smartphone market is expected to soon surpass the $729 billion mark. 

Without question, Android and iPhone dominate the smartphone market. These are the two most popular platforms, and you have die-hard fans and supporters on both sides. In this phone guide you will get to learn some benefits of both platforms to help guide you when it is time to purchase your next mobile phone.

These tips will help you explore the differences between Android vs iPhone. 

Android Benefits

So what are the advantages of owning an Android phone? This is a platform that came onto the scene in the 2000s and quickly provided several options for people looking to get crystal-clear phone calls and excellent data plans.

Here are some of the benefits:

There Are Far More Hardware Selections Available

The first thing that you will notice is that there are several different hardware options when you use Android phones. iPhone has one major release each year, along with some variants of the same phone and modified re-releases of the current version.

Meanwhile, Android has countless companies that create phones for its platform. Some of the main companies that produce phones for Android include Samsung, Motorola, and Kyocera.

They develop phones for the same platform, but each phone has a wide variety of specifications to explore. When options are your priority, you can’t go wrong with Android. This gives you the best chance to spend your money on your terms and will give you out of your upgrade.

The Infrastructure Is More Open-Ended

Another important benefit of Android is that the system is open source. This means that developers are freer to tinker with it, make modifications and customizations, and develop programs with few limits.

This creates an interesting landscape both for developers and consumers. iPhone has more stringent conditions and regulations, making it more difficult for developers to explore in this way.

You Get to Use Universal Accessories

You also get universality when it comes to Android hardware accessories. iPhone uses specific headphones, charging cords, and other accessories. Android, typically uses universal accessories that are also used on a wide variety of other devices.

This makes it easier to stock up on your accessory kit without having to only shop for specialized products. These accessories are sold everywhere, whether you have a Samsung phone or an Android of other brands.

For instance, if you decide to buy a Samsung, you will have no trouble finding accessories all over the place. You can purchase a new Samsung case that is either officially produced by the manufacturer or a third-party company. 

You can shop for these Samsung cases and other accessories to get the most out of your Android phone. 

iPhone Benefits

So, what iPhone so beneficial? There are several reasons that Apple fans are die-hard and loyal to the brand.

Here are some of the advantages you will appreciate:

The Apple Brand and Support Is Vast

When you purchase an iPhone, more often than not, you are buying into the Apple brand as a whole. This is one of the most well-done tech brands in the world, and the company comes out with a host of products that are incredibly popular.

For example, when you buy an iPhone, you will be able to sync it between other Apple devices, such as the iPad, Apple Watch, MacBook Pro, Apple TV, and other such products. People appreciate the convenience of these products and that they add so much convenience to our lives. Apple is consistently improving upon them and offering more synchronization ability.

iPhones Are Well-Made and Easy to Use

Simply put, iPhones are well-made pieces of Technology. Apple has mastered the production of these products and they are known to be speedy, powerful forms of technology. The company is consistently adding new features that push the limits of smartphone technology and convenience.

You will have a powerful piece of technology in your pocket that includes powerful cameras, live streaming apps, and so much more.

The Phones Hold Value and Are Part of Pop Culture

Keep in mind also that iPhone has significant brand equity. When you purchase these phones, you are buying into the Apple brand and will have a large base of people also excited about the new iPhone.

iMessage alone shows you just how many people use iPhones. It will become an odd experience communicating with people who have green boxes in their text messages, instead of iPhone blue. iPhone has plenty of family sharing groups and other opportunities to seamlessly communicate and combine services.

It is an event when the new iPhone gets announced, and you will have some skin in the game if you decide to purchase an iPhone.

Android vs iPhone: The Debate Continues

The points above shed some light on the Android vs iPhone debate. No matter which side of the fence you are on, it is easy to see that the iPhone and Android phones are the cream of the crop. It’s a simple matter of choice and you will be able to take advantage of the many benefits of whichever one you choose. 

Take the time to figure out what features are the most important to you and you’ll be in a better position to upgrade your technology accordingly. 

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