7 of the Most Innovating Gaming Apps Out Right Now

Ground-breaking Games

As you may be aware, 2022 is expected to change the mobile app development market. Do you know why? In 2022, the global smartphone user base will have surpassed 8.64 billion. Thousands of applications have been released to the market, and the number is expected to grow. Coming up with a unique app idea, on the other hand, is difficult. Of course, there are many themed games you can play, but developers need to continue mixing things up. As the number of apps grows, so does the competition. So, you can study the latest trends, analyze what new things you can do with them, and then deliver them to your clients.

As the popularity of mobile games grows, consumers are inundated with match-three games and other forgettable titles. However, for those prepared to delve deep, there is enough creativity to be found. Here we highlight the most innovative and creative mobile games available. Such games genuinely push the boundaries of what a smartphone can achieve regarding technology and storytelling.

1. The Silent Age – This unashamedly 2D point-and-click game has a distinct look thanks to the unusual utilization of a 1970s scenario in a video game. A pleasant yet engaging plot matches the whimsical aesthetics with occasionally difficult puzzles spread over numerous episodes available via in-app purchases. There’s not much not to appreciate about The Silent Age, a game that’s not afraid to stand out.

 2. 80 Days – The historical adventure of Phileas Fogg across the world, reimagined as an interactive steampunk novel. It’s a clever idea,              but it never interferes with the story: you’ll want to read and play it multiple times to explore other paths.

3. Fab Tattoo Artist Secret Salon – Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a tattoo artist? This game puts your artistic ink drawing talents to the test by presenting you with various demanding customers who want tattoos that reflect their own characteristics. You can begin by taking your first challenge or playing in freestyle mode. This game is fun if you don’t mind it looking like a flash animation from ten years ago. The only real drawbacks are the lack of color variation and the limited number of tasks.

4. Go Guessr – Over the past year, Go Guessr has amassed many devoted followers. Taking you out of your house and dumping you into a random Google Maps street-view location, all players have to do is score points by guessing where they are in the world — the closer the guess, the more points they get. It may appear highly simplistic, but give it a shot, and we guarantee you’ll be sold.

5. Mini Motorways – Mini Motorways is more of a strategy game in which you construct a road system to efficiently transport people to and from various regions of the imaginary city. It has fantastic aesthetics, is engaging, and lacks the annoying transactions generally associated with games of this type.

6. Tricky Trip – This game, like many others, is an endless runner. However, the aesthetics and gameplay set it apart from the crowd. It’s elementary, yet also entertaining, and keeps you coming back for more. The intuitive one-touch controls make learning simple, and the game itself is difficult to put down. You must roll a ball down an infinite tube while avoiding gaps. You are not moving the ball but rather the tube. The faster the game progresses, the more you rotate the tube.

7. Florence – Florence isn’t your average game. It’s by the creators of Monument Valley, another of our faves, and it’s about falling in, and out of, love. The narrative-driven game will only take a couple of hours to complete, but we’re guessing it will stay with you for much longer. We won’t go into too much detail to avoid spoilers, but trust us when we say this one is worth your time.

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