5 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Managed IT Company

Today’s digital age demands robust, secure, and efficient IT infrastructures. Hiring a Managed IT Company to handle your business’s tech needs can be a game-changer. However, with a vast sea of IT service providers, how do you ensure you make the right choice?

The answer lies in asking the right questions. This guide will delve into the key questions you should consider when hiring a Managed IT Company. Understanding the answers to these questions will not only provide you with clarification and reassurance but will also play a pivotal role in your business’s future success.

1. What Is the Company’s Culture?

Understanding the culture of a Co-Managed IT is crucial as it can significantly impact the working relationship, communication, and consequently, your business’s operations. The company’s culture encompasses its values, ethics, goals, work environment and more.

Ascertain whether they prioritize customer satisfaction, open communication, innovation, and continuous learning. Are they adaptable and can they align with your business’s culture?

2. What Is Out of Their Scope?

Determining what is outside the scope of the Managed IT Company’s services is just as crucial as understanding what they provide. No company can cater to every possible IT demand, and it is essential to establish where their boundaries lie.

Ask about areas that they do not specialize in or services they do not offer. This can range from specific software support, cybersecurity measures, disaster recovery planning, to data storage solutions. 

3. Who Are Their Partners?

Asking about the Managed IT Company’s partners is an essential step towards understanding the breadth and depth of their service capabilities. Their partners can range from hardware manufacturers to software providers, and might include companies like Microsoft, Cisco, or IBM.

These partnerships can greatly influence the quality of the solutions they provide and their ability to stay abreast of emerging technologies. 

4. How Will They Reduce Your Costs?

One of the main advantages of hiring a Managed IT Company is the potential for cost savings. When discussing this topic, it’s critical to ask how they plan to reduce your costs. Do they offer a predictable monthly fee that includes everything you need?

Will they help you avoid expensive tech purchases by providing the necessary hardware and software as part of their service? Also, inquire about how their services can help reduce downtime, enhance operational efficiencies, and prevent costly data breaches.

5. What Is Their Offboarding Process?

The offboarding process of a IT services is a crucial consideration that often gets overlooked. You need to understand what happens if and when you decide to terminate the business relationship.

How will they handle data transfer or deletion? What steps do they take to ensure a smooth transition to another provider or in-house team? Do they provide any training or support during this transition phase?

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In conclusion, hiring a Managed IT Company can be a transformative decision for your business. The right company will align with your culture, become a true partner in your business, and transparently communicate its scope of work. 

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